What happened to the pig’s legs softly?Three reasons and treatment plans for small pork legs

There are common reasons for small pork legs. One is lack of nutrition and dysplasia; the other is arthritis caused by disease.The third is small pork trotters.The following are these three different types, symptoms and treatment plans of pork leg soft disease.

1. Development

When the piglets have soft legs and walking, we must first check the body temperature and observe whether the joints and hoof parts have lesions.Pigs lack of nutritional pig paralysis.In response to this situation, we can use the piglets: calves are too much, and each time it is used for 20-25ml.It can antibacterially clear heat, relieve qi solution, enhance immunity, promote the skeletal muscle development of piglets, and stand up to rehabilitation.When breastfeeding piglets are paralyzed, it is recommended to use sow mixing materials: mother animals are too guarantee+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee, which improves the quality of sows’ milk, which can improve the physical fitness of the whole group of piglets.

2. Bacterial arthritis

The first is arthritis caused by chain disease.After the piglets are infected with Chain bacteria, the body temperature rises. In acute, acute blood, meningitis, and chronic in the case of acute, can cause arthritis and lymph nodes.Arthritis -type split bacteria can cause swelling and pain in the piglets. In severe cases, they cannot stand, paralysis, lameness, and appetite and bad, which may cause death.In response to this situation, we can use: spore+萘 puson injection, injection of anti -inflammatory.Use: Amoxicillin+sulfate viscosin+conservation too much guarantee to promote the recovery of piglets.

The other is the mycoplasma arthritis, which is caused by the premature of pig skids, and non -purulent arthritis.The body temperature of the piglets rises, the joints are swollen, the slim membrane is swollen, congested, and there are a large amount of yellow -brown skids in the joint cavity.For small pigs caused by mycoplasma arthritis, we can use: Linkomycin, injections for injections, once a day, 3 days in a row.When giving pigs to relieve pain, it can be injected and loosen. It only needs to be injected once and cannot be used repeatedly.

3. Lobbage of trotters

When sow production, if it is not disinfected, it may cause piglets to be infected and cause pork trotters cracks.If we check the pig’s hoof cracks, we can use 0.1%potassium permanganate water for cleaning, and then apply some Vaselin to maintain.In severe cases, we can inject the piglets: Silver Yellow Pacific Insurance to reduce inflammation and pain.

The three different reasons for the soft pork legs and the corresponding treatment methods, I hope today’s sharing can help you.You can pay attention to, like, collect, or share it with more friends in need, which will bring you more breeding knowledge in the future.

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