What happened to those postpartum mothers who had used Yin -shrinking products later?

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Moms, have you brushed a small advertisement in the circle of friends?

In the circle of friends of pregnancy, it can be said that it is a small advertisement of Yin Yin a day, and the advertisement is very loud.

"Pelvic repair is a must -have after giving birth, and you don’t regret your life!"

"At the time of shrinking yin in spring, use XX to shrink yin gel, tight as a girl!"

"Short -yin at hand, work on the spot, and you tighten your private parts!"

With a few more words: you should not shrink yin today, and your husband will divorce tomorrow!If there is love in the sky, you are old, if you do n’t do it!

This propaganda is also charm!

It is precisely because of this type of advertisement that the smallpox fell into the sky, and the gods were so godlike that the mother who was anxious to repair after giving birth was the easiest to be enthusiastic.

What is the process of shrinking yin?Moms who have brushed small advertisements should be clear.

It is to use the so -called professional technique to use the so -called professional method to quickly realize the recovery of vaginal elasticity of postpartum and return to the firming woman (this is a propaganda language, don’t take it seriously)!

With curious heart, the pregnant mother searched the Internet.

Whether it is a certain treasure or a certain east, the shrinking yin gel price of 100-1980 is a hot product, with a maximum monthly sales of 10,000+, and there are many shops sold for 5,000+…

Is there a magical effect on that hot -selling yin gel?Can Yin Yin Gel really tighten the private parts?

The answers to these questions are what every postpartum mother must know!

Postpartum recovery cannot be rushed, the easier it is, the easier it is to drop the pit!

In recent years, the shrinking product has occupied many mothers’ circle of friends: pure natural Chinese herbal medicine formula!Non -toxic and no side effects!Firming private parts!Treatment of various gynecological diseases, exhausting yin poison (propaganda)!

With the blessing of these slogans, many mothers are curious: Is it really useful to shrink yin gel?

The pregnant mother has seen a mother’s answer:

She stepped on a lot of pit after giving birth, and the private parts were the deepest. There were countless models in the private parts.

To say the effect of shrinking yin, there is no at all!

The main thing is that the smallpox introduced by various live broadcasts can’t help but want to buy it.

Another mother also listened to the propaganda and bought a shrinking gel. As a result, gynecological inflammation!

Knock on the blackboard reminding Ha, whether it is a private part or shrinking yin at hand, please use it with caution!

To do rehabilitation after giving birth, it must be checked first before repairing. If you want to repair, you must go to a regular hospital. Do n’t use unknown products at will!

Can the vaginal relaxation after childbirth, can it be returned to pregnancy with a shrinking yin gel?

Many postpartum mothers are indeed anxious, worrying that the vagina after childbirth will become relaxed, affecting life, and so on.

But in fact, there is no clinical study that any drug can effectively tighten the vagina!

In other words, most of the shrinkage gel is only using the anxiety of postpartum mothers. If it is used at will, it is not only harmful but also harmful!

The pregnant mother has seen the introduction of a certain Yin product. From the effects and product parameters, you can actually understand why Yin Yin products cannot be used.

(Introduction to a certain Yin Gel)

① Can Yin Gel cure cervical erosion?

A while ago, 315,”cervical erosion”was still being treated with the topic of over -treatment”, so that everyone had a good understanding of cervical erosion again.

Cervical erosion is often a serious gynecological disease because of its name scary, but the correct saying of cervical erosion is: cervical cylindrical epithelium.

This is a normal physiological phenomenon, not a disease. Moms should refuse any product that claims to treat cervical erosion.

② Shinyin gel can not cure vaginitis

You can understand that you can find out that many postpartum yin gels on the market are the main ingredients in the yin gel in the market is bacteriostatic agents, and they are basically anti -niche products.

The product of the anti -word number is a sanitary disinfection product, which has a disinfection function, but the beneficial bacteria harmful bacteria will be killed. If this disinfection product is used for a long time, it is overly cleaned, then the balancing of the private parts will be disrupted.Essence

As for those who claimed to be tightly used to shrink the yin gel, even those who can even return menopause to return to spring again, it is not ruled out that it is added in the product to add estrogen. The long -term use of such products will increase the risk of infection. It may also induce gynecological departmentdisease.

③ The cost of shrinking yin gel is amazing!

Maternal and baby bloggers @Mother has done a survey, and some of the hundreds of thousands of yin gels, the actual cost price is only 2.5 yuan, or even lower.

Some foreign hot -selling brands are also looking for goods manufacturers from Alibaba, and then packaged, two or three pieces of entry price, hundreds of dollars for sale …

Summary of pregnant mothers: The firming artifacts such as shrinking yin gel and shrinking yin pills not only cannot be tight, but also may destroy your private parts!Don’t use it!

"Short -yin at hand" can narrow the vagina and tighten private parts?

The pelvic repair is also touted with the shrinking yin gel, claiming that it can narrow the vagina.

Many mothers find that they have become wider after giving birth and the buttocks are larger.

So some merchants will grasp this point that it will claim that pelvic repair after giving birth can narrow the vagina and increase the firming!

(Publicity advertisement)

The pelvic repair Dafa on the market is usually two types:

① Close the pelvis of bare hands: Brave hands are pressed hard. No matter who it is, there is a set of methods, as shown in the figure.

② Instrument Pelvis closed: The instrument sounds more powerful, but it only changed from hand to hip bone instrument and pelvic meter operation. The principle is also crowded.

(Picture source network)

Is such a repair method really useful?

Let’s first understand why the postpartum becomes wider and the butt becomes larger.

After giving birth, the pelvis of mothers will definitely become wider.

If the baby is born smoothly, the mother’s pelvis must broaden the road:

Before pregnancy, there are gaps in the combined part of the female pubic bone. This gap is about 4mm -6mm, and the two bones are connected by ligaments. This distance is not enough for the baby to be born.

After pregnancy, under the action of hormones, the ligaments will become relaxed, and the gap will increase by 2mm -3mm on the basis of the original, so that the baby will give birth smoothly, so after giving birth to the baby, the mother’s hips will become slightly wider than before.

However, mothers do not have to be anxious for this, because the psychic combination of the pubic bone will gradually return to the original state within 6 months after giving birth, and there is no need to take special means to intervene.

During this period, if you press it blindly, your bare hands are likely to cause dislocation, muscle strain, and violent squeeze in the instrument, which may cause fracture.

Moms must remember: The slight separation of the pubic bone union does not require artificial intervention. Those who need intervention must also go to the hospital and be treated under the guidance of a professional doctor.

If the pubic bone is separated, it is more than 10mm, it has reached a state of affecting walking, and is accompanied by pain, directly seek medical treatment!

Worried about postpartum vaginal relaxation?The way to help restore recovery is to repair the pelvic floor muscles!

Whether the postpartum will relax, each mother feels different.

Some mothers will feel unchanged, and some mothers will feel slightly relaxed. This relaxation is normal.

Under normal circumstances, women’s vaginal width is about 2 fingers.

During childbirth, the baby’s head through the vagina will inevitably lead to extreme expansion. This process is like the rubber band is extremely stretched. To a certain extent, it will cause the vaginal wall muscles to relax and reduce the tension.

However, after 3 weeks after giving birth, the vagina will automatically retract, and the extended rubber band will slowly rebound, but for some mothers, it cannot be fully returned to pregnancy.

In addition to the vagina itself, the vaginal relaxation is the most important reason that the pelvic floor muscles have not recovered well.

No matter what kind of childbirth, this is unavoidable.

It is necessary to help the bottom muscle repair (mild), just do the following two points:

1. Life

① Wait until your body recovers and start to lose weight.Excessive weight will put pressure on the bottom muscle.

② Protective bearing pressure: Every time you do the action of enhanced abdominal pressure (such as cough, abdominal muscle training, lifting heavy objects, etc.), protective measures are taken.

③ Try to reduce the pressure on the bottom of the basin.Do not add additional pressure to the bottom of the pot (such as going to the toilet hard and push the heavy object without protection).

④ Don’t sit for a long time.Long -term sitting may cause the pelvic blood stasis, poor circulation, which affects the bladder regulation function and pelvic floor support structural function.

⑤ Prevent constipation.Supplement dietary fiber, eat more vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains to promote intestinal digestion and prevent constipation

2. Do the Kiger Movement

Adhering to the Kagel movement after childbirth can promote the tightness and elasticity of vaginal muscle recovery, and help better recovery of the bottom muscle.

Remember: The Kiger movement must make the basin muscle reaching a considerable amount of training before it is effective.

It can be implemented by reference to the following methods: Continuously shrinking the bottom muscles of the basin is not less than 3 s, relaxed 2 to 6 s, and 15-30 minutes in a row, 3 times a day; or 150 to 200 times a day.Last 8 weeks or longer.

Note: Before you do Kigel, go to the toilet first!Without practicing the wrong muscles, you must focus on the bottom muscle of the basin. Do not use other parts to force it. If you do not feel the tension of the basin muscle, but the stomach tension or the thigh or hip contraction, then there is no training basin in the training basin.Bottom muscle.

42 days after giving birth, mothers need to do physical examination on time to clarify the degree of damage of the basin muscle. A minor damage can be used to help repair, and heavily follow the doctor’s advice for rehabilitation treatment!

The last thing to say is: pregnancy and childbirth are not easy. Do not take the normal postpartum normal physiological changes to make articles and seek benefits. Don’t create the anxiety of mothers for no reason!

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