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Tang’s screening is a concentration of serum, detecting the serum in the mother serum, the concentration of the serum in the maternal serum, and the velvetic gonad hormone, and the obedient to estradiol.Wait, calculate the detection method of having a risk coefficient of a congenital defect fetus.

Generally speaking, the best time for screening is the 15th to 20 weeks of pregnancy.Generally, pregnant women can get the screening results within one week after blood drawing. If the result is high risk, it is necessary to further do amniotic fluid puncture and fetal chromosome examination to clear the diagnosis.Through screening, 60%-70%of children with Tang clan can be screened through screening.


So what is the Tang syndrome?

Tang’s syndrome, also known as 21 tritermia, means that the patient’s 21 pairs of chromosomes are one more than normal people (a normal human beings), which is the most common chromosomal non -rectifier disease.Tang’s screening is in a specific gestational week. By detecting the content of PAPPA, AFP, HCG, UE3, and Inchibin A in serum in pregnant women, combined with the age of pregnant women, gestational week, weight, smoking, or whether insulin -dependent diabetes and other clinical information, Calculating the risk value of risk assessment software.

The critical value is 1/250-380 (because the method may be different, this value may be different).Great risk, less than low -risk.The probability that ordinary people (under 35 years old) suffer from Tang’s (DS) are 1/750.The examination time is divided into early pregnancy (9-13 weeks) and the second trimester (14-21 weeks).

Tang screening is the abbreviation for the pre -filter examination of Tang’s syndrome.The purpose is to test the blood of pregnant women and combine other clinical information to comprehensively judge the danger of the fetus suffering from Tang’s disease.Sexual examination-shellacum puncture or villi examination.


Screening program

1. Screening of Tang’s disease during the first pregnancy

This test is mainly used at the 10th to 13+6 weeks of pregnancy, and the two screening methods of "ultrasonic" and "blood drawing" are applied.Dr. Huang Xuguang said that through ultrasonic, you can clearly measure the transparent thickness of the fetus’s neck, plus blood test, measure the value of plasma protein in the mother’s serum A value and choricular gonad hormone, etc.risks of.

2. Screening of Tang’s disease during the second pregnancy

Pregnant mothers accept blood from the 15th to 20 weeks. The hospital will detect the value of paradics, chorionic gonadotropins, free estradiol, and inhibitoryin in serum, and then cooperate with the age of pregnant mothers, the number of pregnancy weeks and the number of pregnancy weeks and the number of pregnancy.Weight, calculate the risk of Tang’s disease.

3. Dr. Huang Xuguang, sampling of chorionic membranes, said that when pregnant mothers have to conduct this examination, they must discuss it carefully with the doctor, because this is an invasive examination, that is, some cell samples need to be obtained from the developed placenta.For example, when the pregnant mother was screened during the first pregnancy, if the fetal neck was transparent with more than 3 mm, the chorine membrane can be considered directly to test the chromosomal.However, it takes 14 days to know this result.4. The amniocentesis test is also an invasive examination, but its risk is less than the choric membrane sampling.Doctors said that by extracting amniotic fluid in the uterine cavity of the pregnant mother and testing, they can know whether the fetal chromosome is abnormal, and then know whether there is no Tang clan disease.It takes 14 days to know the results, and its accuracy rate is as high as 99%.

5. Precautions for Tang’s screening

Screening time: The best time is 15-20 weeks of pregnancy.

Preparation before inspection: There is no need to take an empty stomach during the screening of Don, but it is related to the menstrual cycle, weight, height, accurate gestational week, and age of fetal age. It is best to consult the doctor for other preparations before the examination.

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