What is the chance of "one -night stand"?How should a man judge whether the child is mine?


Cai Xukun may never think about it

It didn’t take long for back the courage to put on the back pants

The scandal of one -night stand and let the fans "give birth"

The last time he had such an explosive popularity

Still wearing a strap pants last time

The new back pants on your body have not been covered

I was scolded again and searched again

I have to say that this strap pants are a bit metaphysical inside

Except for strap pants

Another suspected cursed

It is a luxury brand Prada

Whoever endorsed, who happened

People have to worry about the next spokesperson

In fact, reviewing Cai Xukun’s entire incident

One point can determine whether he can come back

—— "Is the child Cai Xukun?"

If the child in Ms. C’s mouth

It’s not Cai Xukun

Cai Xukun can oppose her slander and extort …

Cai Xukun’s mother thought of this

So quietly sent private detectives

Go to Ms. C’s door

Install a pinhole camera for monitoring

Although this happened in July 2021

It has been two years since it was revealed today

But maybe Cai Xukun has been depressed in the past two years

"Is the child mine?"

You need to know the chance of getting pregnant for one -night stand

Indeed, it is the same as buying a lottery prize

High -end king can give Cai Xukun a few suggestions

Determine from the following angles

1. Do you have contraceptive measures

If the information in the news is all true

Then Cai Xukun acknowledged "no contraceptive measures"

The possibility of pregnancy is aggravated!

But the old drivers with sexual experience also know

No contraceptive measures are not 100 % pregnant

Otherwise, Cai Xukun will not be so "boldly rushing"

With no contraceptive measures

Some sexual behaviors will increase the chance of pregnancy

I suggest Cai Xukun think about it

2. The depth of the movement of ejaculation

It is well known:

The more sperm to the fallopian tube

The higher the chance of conception

The closer to the cervical mouth, the closer the sperm shot

The more you can shorten the sperm to reach the tubal tube

So that more sperm reaches the fallopian tube

If the sperm is far from the cervical mouth

Need to pass through the vagina

The acidic environment of the vagina will kill most sperm

It will reduce the chance of pregnancy

If Cai Xukun can remember the situation at the time

Can you remember

Enter the depth when you "launch"

3. Determine with physical health

Want to be pregnant successfully

Must be indispensable for high -quality sperm quality

Only high -quality sperm

Only those who can run fast and accurate

The quality of sperm and daily body

And the state of life at that time is closely related

Recall that a period of time before the one -night stand

Was it

Asian health, fatigue, fatigue, alcoholism and other sub -health conditions

If none

I usually work hard, go to bed early and get up early

Then combine the age of the time

Sperm is active, high -quality

It is inevitable to "wipe the gun and get angry"

And you can also think about the number of ejaculation that night

After all, the greater the number of pregnancy machines

4. Ms.c’s status

Will the climax of women increase the chance of pregnancy?

The answer is yes!

When a woman orgasms, the vagina and uterus will shrink

Vaginal contraction will squeeze semen

Uterine contraction will cause suction

This squeeze

Will make more semen concentrate to the cervical mouth

Even suck directly to the uterine cavity

Let more sperm reach the fallopian tube

So as to increase the chance of conception

I just don’t know if Cai Xukun can judge

Ms. C "really orgasm that night was a few times that night

After all, more than 67%of girls will disguise orgasm

In addition, think about it again

Whether Ms. C has been lying on the bed after sexual behavior

Even raised the hips and legs

Properly raised hips

Can keep the semen staying at the outer mouth of the cervix for a longer time

Create favorable conditions for more sperm to enter the uterus

Sperm from the vagina to the fallopian tube time

It only takes a few minutes as soon as possible

Generally 1 to 1.5 hours

So if the female party

Lie flat for more than half an hour

It will also greatly increase the chance of pregnancy

5. Ms.c’s ovulation period

Women perform sexual behavior during ovulation period

The chance of pregnancy will be greatly increased

Women’s normal ovulation period

It should be about two weeks before the next menstrual period

But according to the hormone level of different women

There may be differences in the ovulation period

So I still need to know

Whether Ms. C’s usually ovulation period is regular

But maybe Ms. C does not necessarily know herself

How to calculate your ovulation period

Even if you know

Maybe I don’t want to tell Cai Xukun

After all, Ms. C did not directly do "parent -child identification"

6. Parent -child identification

under normal circumstances

Just get the DNA of the abortion

You can send it to the relevant agency for identification

But this needs to be during abortion

Keep the sample of the fetus

And get relevant laws and hospitals permit

Normal hospitals are after abortion

Will not take the initiative to give the body of the fetus to the mother

Most of them are incinerated or buried

As for the abortion, Ms. C has "left a hand"

It depends on the follow -up development of the situation

Maybe some Cai Xukun’s "don’t remember" things

Also need the parties or evidence to "remind reminders"

But I hope Cai Xukun can take the initiative to admit your mistakes

And actively bear the consequences


"Wu Qi" No. 2

Maybe it’s you!

-The chapter-finished chapter-

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