What is the difference between 3 days and 7 days in menstruation?Which is healthier?Regarding menstruation, 4 common sense understand

For women, the arrival of menstruation may make people love and hate.Menstruation does not come on time. I have to worry about whether it is pregnant or not. If the body has a disease; if the menstruation hints, it will also cause emotional fluctuations during menstruation, and uncomfortable lumbar pain and back pain, which is very troublesome.And there is a problem that has troubled many female friends. What is the difference between 3 days and 7 days?

Some people have heard that menstruation is too short, and garbage toxins in the body cannot be discharged, which is not good for health.is that true?If you have similar confusion, you might as well look at it.

There are certain differences in women’s menstrual cycles. Generally, the time of menstruation is normal at about 3-7 days, and the interval time is nutritious by the ovarian cycle, usually about 28 to 35 days.Every time you come to menstruation, you can maintain a relatively stable cycle, and the time of menstruation is relatively fixed, which shows that the body is healthier.

But the time of menstruation may also be affected by 2 factors. There are differences. To see which one you are?

The first is congenital factors, such as the thickness of the endometrium, the speed of menstrual blood, and the degree of egg development in women, etc., can cause the duration of menstruation to be affected to a certain extent.If your uterine endometrium is relatively thick, or the speed of menstrual blood is slow, it may lead to a long period of menstruation. Otherwise, it may only take 2-3 days to clean.

The length of menstruation brought by this factor will not affect people’s health, but normal physiological changes.

The second influencing factor is affected by external forces.For example, excessive exercise and medication during menstruation may cause the time of menstruation to be affected.In addition, cold, emotional fluctuations, and increased mental stress during menstruation may cause menstrual abnormalities.As a result, a certain menstrual time is particularly long or short.

Compared with the former, the time of menstruation has changed from 7 days to 3 days, or from 3 days to 7 days, in order to suggest that there are some health problems in the human body and need to be paid attention.

If you want to ask, there are no fixed answers if you have 3 days of women with only 3 days of menstruation and a 7 -day menstruation.However, if women who ask menstruation in 3 days or 7 days, and women who have been unstable in menstruation, who is healthier, is mostly the former.

On the Internet, there are rumors that women have only 400 eggs in their lives, and women with short menstruation time will be faster because the eggs are excreted.is this real?

In fact, there are two errors in this sentence. After correction, you can get the answer.

First of all, 3 days of menstruation indicate that the menstrual cycle is short?

This time the period of menstruation until the day before the next menstrual tide is a complete menstrual cycle, and only 3 days each time is only a menstrual period, and there is no direct connection with the menstrual cycle.The menstrual cycle is mainly composed of menstrual period, ovulation period, and luteal stage. Only women with shorter menstrual cycles can emit eggs more frequently.

In addition, the menstrual cycle is short and the eggs are discharged faster?

Not to mention that the number of eggs in each woman is different. It is also a more one -sided saying that the menstrual cycle is discharged with the eggs and aging.

Women have about 2 million immature follicles in their bodies from birth, which can continue to develop and mature, but each time the ovulation period only produces one mature follicles, and the remaining follicles will automatically degenerate.The 400 follicles estimated by people have all discharged, and the human body also has follicles that can produce eggs by developing. Until the ovarian function gradually fails, women will usher in aging.

From these two perspectives, there is no absolute connection between women’s menstruation time and aging and health each time.If you often do the following things, you can speed up your body’s aging.

First of all, eat health care products random, supplement estrogen

Although sufficient estrogen secretion can promote metabolism in the human body and make people look younger.However, additional supplementing health products containing estrogen may disrupt hormone secretion in the human body, more prone to ovarian injuries and accelerate aging.

The second point is staying up late and supper

Don’t sleep at night, can’t afford during the day. It is a "sleeping beauty" all day, but such a chaotic schedule is likely to cause hormone secretion disorders in the human body, which is more likely to affect the metabolism of the body. The speed of aging will be faster.

The third point, cannot control weight

The weight continues to grow, and it is always likely that the joints of women are likely to suffer greater wear. Coupled with the reduction of estrogen secretion, the risk of bone joint problems in women will become higher and higher, and health may also face risks.

Women who have menstruation for 3 days and 7 days are mainly affected by innate factors and some external forces. As longImpact.

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