What is the difference between B -ultrasound? Yin Chao will cause abortion?

When I hear Yin Chao for the first time, you may be shy. Indeed, the location of the Yin Chao probe is a bit embarrassing.

So why do you sometimes check for B -ultrasound and sometimes you do yin super?What is the difference between the two?If you want to know, just look down with Xiaomi.

What is B ultrasound?What is Yin Chao?

【B ultrasound】

What we call B -ultrasound is usually a B -ultrasound.The B -ultrasound is to put the B -ultrasound probe in the lower abdomen to observe the pelvic cavity, focusing on checking the uterus, accessories and pelvic cavity.

It is necessary to drink about 1000ml of water from half an hour to 1 hour before the inspection, which is what we call "urination", and we must take urine to the maximum.Because only the bladder is full to a certain degree, can we clear the shape of the uterus and ovary through the light and dark control of the image.

【Yin Chao】

Yin Chao, that is, vaginal B -ultrasound, also known as B -ultrasound in the cavity, is also a way to B -ultrasound.However, it is different from other ways that the probe is different, and the place where the probe is different.

Yin Chao is to put a special probe on the ultrasonic machine on the film and put it in the vagina or rectum. You can check the ovary, uterus, accessories, etc.Its advantage is that there is no need to urinate, which saves time, especially suitable for observing pelvic organs in the pelvic pelvis.

What is the difference between B ultrasound and Yin Chao?

Since Yin Chao enters from the vagina, it is mainly clear.B -ultrasound is black and white, you can watch anywhere.

Compared with the B -ultrasound of the abdomen, the position of Yin Chao’s probe is close to the uterus and ovaries, so the image is clearer and more accurate, and the inspector does not need to "urinate".It is particularly suitable for diagnosis of ovulation monitoring, confirmation of ectopic pregnancy, uterine occupying diseases, and polycystic ovary syndrome and chocolate cysts.

Women who have sex can pass vaginal examinations. For women who have no sexual life, B -ultrasound can be performed through the rectum.

Will yin super? Will it cause miscarriage?

The probe of Yin Chao just stretches into the vagina, that is, the middle and upper part of the vagina and the place where the cervix are transferred. It will not reach into the cervix and will not enter the uterine cavity, so it will not be exposed to the amniotic sac and baby.

From an academic perspective, whether it is international or domestic obstetrics and gynecology sciences, whether it is vaginal or abdomen B -ultrasound, as long as it is not frequently or for a long time in one part, it will not cause harm to the fetus.In addition, in the "Clinical Technology Operations Specification of Ultrasound Medicine Books", an indication certificate for vaginal ultrasound examination, including diagnosis of early pregnancy, and the taboos of Yin Chao did not include early pregnancy.

Therefore, it is safe to do yin super during early pregnancy.Moreover, pregnant women who are often suspected of "threatened abortion" may include some disease -related diseases such as ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal fetus, etc. The Yin Chao examination is clearer and convenient for the abdomen, and there is no need to fill the bladder. The diagnosis is more clear.

If you are really worried, you can also inform the doctor to consult whether you can use the B -ultrasound to replace Yin Chao.Because expectant mothers are more sensitive, and the nervous mood will also affect the baby’s health.

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