What is the difference between the fetus at 38 weeks and 41 weeks of pregnancy?Finally I understand what is "ten days a day"

A distant relative of my mother’s family lived in the same city with me. My mother called me two days ago. The daughter of the relative’s family had a second child. Let me visit the whole family on behalf of the whole family.The baby was born at the end of August. If it is a few hours later, it may be born on September 1. In fact, the baby is still less than the day, and there is still half a month before the due date.There are too many babies who have a caesarean section in the past few days. Doctors are overtime, for which they are very fortunate.

It’s nothing to let the baby learn a year in the evening, why not be so anxious?I do n’t understand. The baby mother said, did n’t the book say that after 37 weeks or the full moon?I have reached 38 weeks. Anyway, I have to come out sooner or later, so I do n’t consider so much.At this time, the mother -in -law next to him was a little disappointed. He said with a smile, but he couldn’t say that. It took a day in the mother’s belly and ten days outside, so why not be so anxious.Obviously, the mother -in -law did not agree with the cesarean section, but she could not stab the young people and could only complain.

When I closer to his baby, I looked at it very much, and my hair grew up, but after all, it was born in 38 weeks of pregnancy. Compared to the 40 weeks or 41 weeks, the body shape is still a bit worse.Meaning, so how is the baby defined in full moon?Born at 38 weeks of pregnancy and 41 weeks of pregnancy, where is the worse except for appearance?

What is full moon?

Fa Yueer refers to babies born at 37-42 weeks of pregnancy, that is, babies who stay in the mother’s belly for 260-293 days. Babies born in this period of time have almost developed their body organs. More than 5 catties and more than 47 cm in length, you do n’t need to send it to the thermal box after birth, it is a healthy baby.However, there is still a gap between the full moon and the full moon. Take 38 weeks and 41 weeks as an example to know what is "one day for ten days".

The gap in appearance can still be seen

The longer the baby stays in the mother’s belly, the more advantage in the body shape. Most babies born in 41 weeks are more than 6.5 catties, the body length is about 50 cm. There will be more fat, the fetal fat and fetal hair will be removed very clean, and the skin will be smoother. Therefore, the baby born this week looks white and tender, and the baby’s crying will be more brighter.On the contrary, babies born in 38 weeks may be slightly inferior to their body shape, weighing about 5-6 catties, and a height of 45-48 cm. Essence

There is also a gap in organ development

The lungs are one of the latest organs of the baby’s development. Babies born late, the development of the lung function is more mature, so the crying sound will be more loud, and the physical resistance will be stronger.The situation happened, and the crying was not so loud, but in general, it was a full moon, and they were all healthy babies.

The later the homework is better, the better

Columbia University compares the information of 128,000 children. They find that the later the children born, the better the homework, and this watershed is 39 weeks. The children before this, such as a child born at 37-38 weeks, occurred lightly.The proportion of degrees and severe reading disorders is 14%and 33%more than children born in 41 weeks. In the same case, 16%have difficulty in basic computing capabilities.Most of the key development is concentrated in 37-39 weeks of pregnancy. A data reality. Babies born in 41 weeks have gray quality than babies born in 37 weeks., Develop well, why let people come out?At this time, the nutrition and environment in the mother’s belly is unmatched by any environment after birth. Don’t bother others if it’s okay.

Why don’t many fetuses wait until 41 weeks of pregnancy?

Although it is theoretically, it is recommended that the baby’s birth later is better, but it is also necessary to consider other factors. For example, after more than 42 weeks, it is called an expired pregnancy. By 41 weeks of pregnancy, the environment of the uterus is not so superior. Some mothers have appeared.The placental aging, the turbid amniotic fluid, and the decrease in the amount of amniotic fluid can easily cause the baby to danger. Therefore, the more the pregnancy is about to end, the more closely observing it. The general babies are born within 38-40 weeks.However, if there is no problem with the mother and the baby, just want to let the baby learn in the morning. Personally, it is not necessary. The learning is a marathon.

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