What is the easiest endometrium to get pregnant?#Every day

What is the most thick endometrium?

How to scientifically maintain the endometrium?I am Jojo, an obstetrician and gynecologist.Sisters often ask me in the clinic that the thick endometrium is the easiest to get pregnant.In fact, the health state of the endometrium does affect the success rate of our pregnancy and the bed of fertilized eggs.

Clinically, we found that at about 8-14 mm during ovulation, we were more likely to be performed in bed.The success rate of pregnancy is relatively higher, but this indicator is not absolute.Some sisters have better quality of her fertilized eggs, and her endometrium is only 6 mm and she has successfully conceived.

Some sisters are due to the infection factors, and because the curettage is damaged to the endometrium, or the endometrium is too thin due to some endocrine diseases, which will indeed affect their pregnancy success rate.

So how should the question come to raise the endometrium?If it is because of pathological factors, for example, some of which causes the endometrium to be thin. This needs to be separated by hysteroscopy, and then use the corresponding hormone to help you condition the endometrium with corresponding hormones.There are some sisters because of endocrine diseases. When assisting reproductive pregnancy, doctors will give you some use to make your endometrium more suitable for fertilized eggs.

In short, if the endometrium is too thin caused by pathological factors, listen to the treatment of doctors’ treatment specifications.So in daily life, can we do something to maintain our endometrium?We do these five points in daily life to protect our endometrium and maintain a pleasant mood.Properly decompress yourself, do not give yourself a high pressure state, persist in exercise, drink less, do not smoke.

How to scientifically maintain the endometrium?Pay attention to the warmth of the lower abdomen during menstruation, especially those sisters with dysmenorrhea.Avoid infection.To develop good reproductive habits, we must take contraceptive measures.

If there are no sisters with a pregnancy plan, we must take contraceptive measures in daily life.Because whether it is flow or suction, it may damage our endometrium.Diet should be balanced and comprehensive, try to eat less high -fat and high -sugar foods as possible.

That’s it for today’s sharing. Pay attention to women’s health and follow Dr. Lojo.

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