What is the hypothyroidism that is prone to pregnant mothers?Does it affect the child?

Many people discovered that during the thyroid function test in the early pregnancy that the thyroid dysfunction was abnormal, the thyroid hormone was high, and some even exceeded the normal value. What was going on?Will it affect fetal development?

In fact, this situation belongs to hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism is a common endocrine disease.Patients with hypothyroidism usually have weakness, no strength, slow heartbeat and slow heartbeat, and some patients are even swollen, afraid of cold and other symptoms.For most of patients with hypothyroidism in the digestive system, there will be constipation, and there are some patients with drying and hair loss of the skin. These are the phenomena caused by the reduction of basic metabolic rates caused by insufficient thyroid hormones in the body.

In addition, patients with hypothyroidism may also have some symptoms of these mental systems such as drowsiness, prone to sleepiness.Because the symptoms of hypothyroidism are usually not obvious, it is often mistaken for sub -health.

What should I do if I have a decrease in pregnancy?

Women of hypothyroidism have a great impact on the fetus, especially in the early five months of pregnancy, because the fetus cannot secrete thyroid hormone by themselves in the first five months. The hormones they need are all supplied by pregnant women.In the state of hypothyroidism, it will have a very important impact on the early development of the fetus, especially the development of intelligence, such as low intelligence, such as brain defects, lip cracks, cleft palate, and so on.Essence

But patients with hypothyroidism can be children, which is sure.Patients with hypothyroidism need to control the thyroid function to a completely normal level before going to pregnancy before the child is required. At pregnancy, the state of thyroid function is needed to maintain the level of thyroid function during pregnancy.

A reduction has a certain genetic tendency, that is, the opportunity to inherit the child with thyroid disease with the parents, and the hypothyroidism is no exception.Trauma, as well as changes and pollution of the natural environment, is also the cause of hypothyroidism. Therefore, hypothyroidism is not simply determined by genetic.A hypothyroidism is a cure. Even if it suffers from hypothyroidism, it can be cured through drugs.

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