What is the pain of breast pain?4 types of pain, one by one

With the acceleration of the rhythm of life, some women are troubled by breast pain, and they are worried that breast pain will develop into breast cancer. In fact, there are many factors that cause breast pain. They must be treated according to the cause.

1. Breast pain in adolescence and menstruation

Generally, breast pain occurs around 9 to 13 years old, which shows that breasts begin to develop, nipples slowly bulge and have a slight pain. Waiting for the advent of the first menstrual tide and the maturity of the breasts, the pain will slowly disappear, part of the partBefore menstruation of women, breasts will be hard and full. Severe patients dare not touch or wear underwear with their hands. The granular or nodules on the breast will become more obvious.It has a lot to do. When changing hormones, it can cause breast hyperplasia or tissue edema in the breast. As long as the menstruation comes, this problem will disappear.

2. During pregnancy and postpartum breast pain

Some women will have breast pain in about 30 days of pregnancy. This is mainly affected by estrogen catalysis and progesterone, which causes breast hyperplasia. The breasts are significantly enlarged. At the same timeThe breasts can be continuously painful, no special treatment is required, and it can be relieved by hot water and hot compress.After three days of giving birth to a child, the breasts are painful and painful and painful. This is mainly caused by the lymphadenopathy of the breast or venous pipe, the mammary ducts are unsatisfactory, and the inter -quality damage should be breastfeed early.If there is a hardship, you can make hot compresses on the breast, and you can also use massage to smooth the breast catheter.

3. After sexual life and artificial abortion

If sexual life is discordant or has no sexual desire, it cannot achieve certain sexual satisfaction, thereby congesting and increasing breasts, not in time, and incompleteness, causing breast tenderness.After artificial abortion, women will experience breast pain and touch the masses, because the sudden pregnancy will drop the hormone level in the body sharply, causing the breasts to stop growing suddenly, which will cause breast masses.

4. Breast cancer

Early breast cancer symptoms are not obvious, but with the growth of malignant tumors, it is found that the breasts are swollen or green and purple. When the nutrition in the body cannot be satisfied with the growth of the tumorPain and mass.

Kind tips

Pain in the breast must be positive. Choose a regular hospital for treatment. You cannot blindly choose painkillers.Women who have sexual life must go to the hospital for breast examination each year, and can find problems in time to solve problems in time.

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