What is the stomach pain during pregnancy?There are 3 cases, corresponding to the treatment

During pregnancy, it is divided into early pregnancy, second and third trimester of pregnancy. In different periods, the body will have different feelings. In the process of embryonic development, the uterus will inevitably cause abdominal pain.Different periods of stomach pain during different periods should also be selected.

What is the stomach pain during pregnancy?

1. Early pregnancy stomach pain

Beltic pain in early pregnancy is physiological and pathological.In the early stages of pregnancy, some women will have stomach pain, and are accompanied by early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting. This is mainly caused by excessive gastric acid secretion. Such people should adjust their diet.Choose to play biscuits or grilled steamed buns.If the stomach has paroxysmal or regular pain, back pain, and back pain, and accompanied by abdominal falling sensation and vaginal bleeding, you need to be alert to signs abortion.At this time, the amount of activity needs to be reduced, try to rest as much as possible, do not do heavy physical labor, and replenish water in time. If the pain is intensified, you should seek medical treatment in time.If there is only a unilateral lower abdomen pain and vaginal bleeding at the same time, it is generally prompting ectopic pregnancy.

2. Stomach pain in the middle of pregnancy

The uterus will slowly increase at 4 to 6 months of pregnancy. The uterine ligament is pulled. Women will have stomach pain. Potal pain is mainly concentrated in the lower abdomen, especially when excessive fatigue or changing position, the pain will increase. This will exacerbate.Pay more attention to rest can be relieved and avoid sexual life during the period.In addition, the abdominal pressure in the middle of pregnancy will increase, which will easily increase the width of the esophageal pores, causing patients with hernia to have esophageal pores, which will cause stomach pain. At the same time, it is accompanied by acid hiccups and short chest pain.Such people should adopt a small amount of meals to avoid eating spicy and sweet food. Try not to lie directly on the bed after meals, reduce the number of bending times to reduce the acid reflux of the stomach, eat more foods rich in dietary fiberCome to keep the stool unobstructed.

3. Stomach pain in the third trimester

The uterus of the third trimester will grow as the fetus grows. The enlarged uterus will stimulate the lower edge of the ribs, which will cause the pain of the ribs. There is no need to do special treatment. The left side position is taken during sleep.In addition, you must be alert to early stripping of the placenta, mainly related to the abdomen suffering from trauma and hypertension during pregnancy. It will not only make the lower abdomen have a tear -like pain, but also accompanied by vaginal bleeding, and even shock.

During pregnancy, the signal emitted by stomach pain should be closely attached. If the pain has been exacerbated, it is not relieved, go to the hospital for medical treatment in time to avoid abortion or premature birth.Do not eat expired and spoiled foods in summer, otherwise it is easy to induce intestinal spasm and pay attention to diet hygiene.

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