What kind of breast hyperplasia is easier to cancer?One article reveals the small secret of girls’ chests

Every girl (also includes boys)


There are many small secrets hidden

Healthy chest

Not only can it reflect the beauty of origin

It is also a better choice to nurture the next generation

However, the real "healthy" chest

It doesn’t seem to be so easy to get …

Good breasts, why does it stop?

Breast is a pair of loyal organs

They are willing to wait for you to "live"

The main physiological function of the breast

Prepare food for newborn babies

Their structure

It’s also like the "central kitchen" of the human body

Each breast

They are a bit like a workshop building:

The first trouble brought by the chest

It is "shape"

Dr. Lilac had investigated 7400+ women

Discover most girls

I’m not satisfied with my chest shape

In fact

Just like the architecture has different design styles

Everyone’s chest shape is also different

How much and distribution of fat

To a large extent determines the size and shape of the chest

Under the same weight

The shape of the chest is basically inherited


Because of the suspension ligament as a support

Gradually loosen with age

What underwear is related to what underwear wearing

The most important selection criteria for underwear are comfortable

The following chest type

They are normal and healthy

About the chest, the most troubles

Still breast health problem

Let’s take a closer look

How does the "Central Kitchen" work?

The gland of the breast is like a large door

It can be divided into 15-20 "kitchen" -gnastal leaf

Below is divided into several "middle kitchen" -niac gland leaflets

There are several "chefs" in each gland’s leaflets -glands blisters

They always pay attention to several changes in hormone levels in the body

Waiting for a "life" order

Just cook

From pregnancy to production

The hormone level in the human body will experience significant changes

As a signal, inform the breast

Start preparing for fertility

After pregnancy, under the influence of hormones

Breasts will increase, nipples will become larger

The nipples and areolas appear colorful

This is the breasts expanding the kitchen, ready to cook a big meal

After the baby is born

Many hormones have dropped rapidly

But prolactin and oxytocin remain high

And fluctuate with the frequency of baby sucking

This prompts the breast: a meal

Until breastfeeding

Only the central kitchen will gradually turn off

Return to the state of "waiting for work"

But just like all jobs will encounter difficulties

The work of "chest kitchen"

Not always so smooth …

Every month in the age of childbearing age

The reproductive system will prepare for possible pregnancy

Even if you are not in fertility

Breasts also experienced a wave of preparations

Before and after menstruation, breasts are more prone to tenderness

It is the direct expression of this cycle

If hormones have abnormally fluctuated

"Breast Kitchen" is also easy to decorate randomly

Various problems occur


Breast nodules are a "basket". Small abnormalities found in imaging and satisfy certain conditions are collectively referred to as breast nodules.

You need to do a biopsy or even surgery to determine what it is, but it is not necessarily necessary.


Including lobular hyperplasia, fibrous aden disease type, fibrosis nodules, cysts, etc., can manifest discomfort such as pain.

Very common, most of them are benign.

The risk of evil changes is very low, depending on the specific types and age, family history and other factors.Generally speaking, you need to pay more attention to seeing "atypical hyperplasia".

Breast lobular hyperplasia

In the physiological diagram, the purple grape -like parts are mammary leaves.In this hyperplasia, breast lobular leaflet becomes larger and the lobular glands increase.

Mainly manifested in breast mass and pain, repeatedly onset with the menstrual cycle.

Very common, most of the risk of canceration is very low, and a few atypical hyperplasia can make the risk of cancer several times higher than ordinary people.Specific consultations need to be consulting the physician.

Breast cysts, cystic hyperplasia

The schematic is as a cyst.Capylum hyperplasia also contains cysts formed by the height of breast lobular and ducts, which are often liquid in the cyst.Nursery women are common. They are mainly breast mass and may be accompanied by pain.

Most mammal cysts and cystic hyperplasia are benign, but the atypical hyperplasia in cystic hyperplasia of the mammary gland is likely to be cancerous. The specific doctor needs to be judged by the physician.

Breast fibroma

It is caused by excessive hyperplasia of breast tissue glandular epithelium or fibroblasts.It is the most common breast benign tumor, and young women in their 20s are prone to appear.

It is often manifested as smooth and clear lumps. It can be accompanied by pain, which may subscribe by itself, and it is not easy to change.

Breast cancer

It belongs to more common cancer, and about 183 people will appear.

It often starts in the local area and is often painless, but it may find the lump through self -touch.The skin surface skin may change, or "dimples".

For early treatment, more than 70% of patients can achieve clinical cure.

The breast is like this

The organs that always worry about "no birth"

Abnormal hormone fluctuation

Will let it receive the wrong signal and busy work

Causes swelling, pimples and other problems

How can I make the breasts work well without tossing?

Also, don’t put too much pressure on yourself

You and your body have to

Put … light … loose …

Breast Healthy

Only in order to accompany you to "live"

At the same time, love you all your life ~

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