What kind of medicine should I take for fever during pregnancy?Does it affect the fetus?Remember: Chinese medicine is not necessarily safer than western medicine

Wang Yaoshi continued to talk about the fever today. Today, what should I do if the pregnant mother has a fever?What are the misunderstandings?Remember to follow me and pay attention to the safety of daily medication!

However, people eat grain grains, and they are inevitable. If pregnant mothers have a fever, they will be anxious, and they are more worried about the fetus that is growing in the abdomen.

Can you carry it?

Do you think the Chinese medicine is mild, and take Chinese medicine antipyretic?

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Are these practices really correct?ON!IntersectionIntersection

Can’t carry it, just to seek medical treatment in time is the truth!Pregnant women do n’t take medicine. This is a misunderstanding. Do n’t carry it hard, but you ca n’t use the medicine by yourself.Hard carrying can easily lead to worsening of the condition, and the misunderstanding of medication may have a adverse effect on the fetus.

The harm of carrying hard after fever

1. Not treatment may lead to worsening the condition of pregnant women and even other diseases.

2. Continuous fever, especially in the early pregnancy, may have a bad impact on the fetus; in the middle and late pregnancy, the baby may also cause the baby to be hypoxic.

Is Chinese patent medicine really safer than western medicine?

The answer is not necessarily, because:

1. The ingredients of Chinese medicine are more complicated. It depends on physical fitness and cause. Improper medication will also have a bad impact on the fetus.

2. Doctors in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine pointed out that pregnant women with blood breaking blood and removing blood stasis and diarrhea cannot be eaten in Chinese medicine.For example, rhubarb, glory, and diarrhea leaves, as well as safflower, quilt grass, Qumai, mumato, Tongcao, Maogen, etc. Some of them can cause uterine contraction and easily cause miscarriage.

3. Western medicine ingredients are relatively clear. At present, 40%of drugs are classified into the classification of drugs for FDA pregnancy. Through animal experiments and clinical human experiments, the safety of drugs is classified and divided into 5 levels.

Therefore, the reasonable guidance of doctors is very important. Doctors know which drugs are safer, and pregnant women can be applied after illness; which drugs are absolutely disabled by pregnant women.This proposition is too large for "which Chinese medicine and western medicine?" This proposition cannot be made simply.

The correct treatment method of fever during pregnancy

1. First of all, the cause must be clear, which can be drawn for blood tests. It is clear whether it is a virus infection or a bacterial infection.

2. If it is a virus infection, you need to treat symptomatic treatment.

3. If it is a bacterial infection, antibiotics (such as penicillin, cephalosporin) are given as appropriate.

4. In addition to whether fever is accompanied by other symptoms, such as cough, headache or other, you must also rule out the fever caused by other reasons other than colds.


1. If you have a fever during pregnancy, you must measure the body temperature in time to monitor the changes in body temperature.

2. Drink plenty of boiled water. Drinking water can supplement the loss of loss of water due to body temperature; drinking water to increase the number of urination, which can accelerate the excretion of virus, toxins, and metabolic waste in the body.Sweating your body can also reduce body temperature, but if you do n’t sweat after drinking hot water, you need to replace it with warm water, otherwise hot water will increase the temperature in the body.

3. The physical cooling method can be wiped with a warm towel, or 30%of alcohol repeatedly wipe the neck and underarms for 20-30 minutes.Substant temperature to less than 38 degrees.

The impact of fever on the fetus

The most worried problem for all mothers after fever is the impact on the fetus.

Occasionally cold and fever, pregnant mothers need not worry too much.Although the fetus is sensitive to the changes in the body temperature of the mother, the fetus will have a certain self -protection. The key is to seek medical treatment and active treatment in time.

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