What reaction does your husband react when you are pregnant?

Women who are pregnant will pay great attention to their bodies during pregnancy, for fear that it will not affect the child’s development.So many women choose to avoid their mouths during pregnancy, for fear of affecting children.What reaction does your husband react when you are pregnant?

1. When I am pregnant, in winter, a pound of little oranges every day. Next door said that the child I gave birth must be yellow, scaring me to eat it, and I secretly bought the spicy bar. My husband found that there was no way to buy it.When you are in the summer, a small cone every day is uncomfortable if you don’t eat it.If you ca n’t eat the meat, you vomit when you eat, eat fruits and pasta, and have a pregnancy. My husband has been fat for more than 20 pounds.

2. I do n’t let me eat outside the street stalls when I get pregnant, including the early outside. You must know that it ’s early in Tianjin. It’ s really frightened. If you want to eat pancake fruit, soymilk churros, tofu brain roll circles, oh!

3. When my wife is seven months pregnant, I will edema when I eat salt.I do n’t put salt when I cook. Season with sugar and vinegar. I ca n’t let my wife eat this kind of dish alone. The whole family ate the sweet and sour flavor dishes for three months.Stewed kidney beans fried beans are sweet and sour, let’s make up for the brain

4. The thief of my mother -in -law tube is strict and studied health every day. As a result, the old couple studied medicine every day, full of mouthful, and many fruits did not allow them to eat., I go back from work every day to eat and take my wife to eat a snack outside, just like being a thief.Finally, I went home with my mother -in -law

5. When I am pregnant, I really want to eat spicy food. I didn’t dare to call me to eat, so I asked me to ask my mother -in -law. I thought it was over.You want to eat the child in the stomach want to eat, it’s okay, ask your husband to buy you spicy bars for you

6. I ate a box of oranges in five days during pregnancy. My husband bought it. I got up in the middle of the night and drove to my mother -in -law’s house for sauerkraut.EssenceSitting next to the big tank of pickled sauerkraut, I was full and then drove back. My husband accompanied and wanted to eat ice cream. I bought me in the winter and kept it.Essence

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