What secrets are hidden in the baby dream?Why do pregnant women have a baby dream?

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It is the happiest thing for every pregnant mother, but it is inevitable that there will be dreams of dreaming before and after pregnancy. Especially before pregnancy, nervous pregnant mothers always feel that they can convey some messages through dreams, such as the baby’s gender., Health and the like will give pregnant mothers a psychological effect to varying degrees.

In fact, for fetal dreams, basically every pregnant mother will do it. Generally, dreams related to pregnancy will appear before and during pregnancy, but this dream will not be done after the baby is born.Let’s look at the birth dream of a few pregnant mothers:

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When I was pregnant with my little treasure, I dreamed twice when I was in my family. For the first time, there was just him. A very beautiful snake in the dream chased me madly, and then I yelled in my heart.I have a handsome big chicken on my shoulders. I originally liked him and a chicken father.At present, it is really accurate and loves dad.


In the late pregnancy, I dreamed that I went to the water park to play. When I saw a black dragon swimming in the water, I quickly dragged its tail.After going ashore, another elder who knew it and handed me a bright pearl, and gave me a pair of dragon and phoenix tires.

Why do you have a baby dream?

The dream of fetal dreams is actually the dream of pregnant mothers, so it is called fetal dream. He is no different from ordinary dreams, but only has one more identity.Generally speaking, we all know that there are thoughts and dreams, especially pregnant mothers look forward to babies, so dreaming is normal, but some pregnant mothers will also affect their rest because of dreams, which will cause their rest.During the day, the mental state is not good, and even a scared nightmare causes the burden on his heart, which is not good for yourself and the baby.Pregnant mothers have different degrees of stress or ideological burden during pregnancy, including some pregnant mothers who think they can predict the sex of the baby through fetal dreams, but is this really the case?

What the help mother wants to tell you here is that this superstition is not desirable. Through dreams, it is not possible to judge the gender of the fetus, and the excessive psychological burden will also affect the health of themselves and the baby.

Fetal dreams are mainly caused by low sleep quality caused by hormone changes and body burden.Especially at night, the cerebral cortex of the pregnant mother is more active, so it usually dreams, and the memory of dreams is particularly deep.Therefore, pregnant mothers must not put pressure on themselves, just keep their ordinary mentality.

How to know the baby dream correctly?

1. Need to decompress

Many times dreams can suggest some of your psychological feelings and emotions, and attitude towards some things.In fact, pregnant mothers have no need to put pressure on her own heart at all, and treat their dreams objectively. There is no need to ask for various ways to solve dreams. Usually you can listen to more soothing music, or do some relaxed housework.Diversify your attention.

2. Do a pleasant experience

The mentality is very important for pregnant mothers. Learning to adjust herself appropriately. After the tea dinner, when the pregnant mother shared with others, it can be used as a small joke or a paragraph.After all, it is a dream, and there is no need to bring it to reality to make yourself worry.Remember, dreams have no predictive hint.

Therefore, the pregnant mother must treat it objectively. Don’t always be superstitious and cause your own burden. Learn to adjust herself appropriately and keep a relaxed and happy mood.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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