What should I do during pregnancy?I don’t want to be disgusted by my husband, some small suggestions to listen to

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After pregnancy, in addition to pregnancy reactions, taste changes.Some pregnant mothers found that they had no athletes for more than ten years, but they got after pregnancy.It was better during the day, it was uncomfortable at night, and as long as it itchy, I wanted to catch it and was out of control.What is terrible is that the more itchy, the more serious the grasp.

A pregnant mother said that she wore slippers every day, and she didn’t know how to get athletes. She was particularly smelly and was often disgusted by her husband.Later, a small particle was still upset. It was really upset when I looked. Many people said that it was hot poison.However, because worried that the medicine will affect the development of the fetus, he dare not scratch the medicine.Fortunately, it itchy for more than ten days, and then I didn’t know why I didn’t itch.

Well, if this is the case, it is also very lucky, but the most worried is that there are athletes throughout pregnancy.So the question is, what should I do if I have athletes during pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers know that beater is actually a skin disease caused by fungal infections and has strong contagiousness, so it usually needs to be treated.However, due to a special period, the medicines that often see the athletes often seen in pharmacies, such as Dacinin, are not suitable to be used casually.In addition, pregnant mothers carefully check the instructions of the athlete paste, which is generally marked on the ban on pregnant women.

Here are some small suggestions, pregnant mothers can learn from:

1. Although hormone ointment cannot be applied, some pure Chinese medicine ointments can still be used, and deep fungi can usually be effectively eliminated.

2. One mother said that when she was pregnant, her fingers were stitched and cracks, and it was very itchy. She kept scratching every day and broke.Later, she used boiling water to soak her feet with white vinegar, wiped it after drying, and disinfected with alcohol, and then sprayed itchy spray of pregnant women’s feet. The effect was not bad.

3. If the athlete of the pregnant mother is not very serious, you can wipe some toothpaste.Of course, more importantly, you must wash your feet with warm water and change your shoes and socks frequently.Usually try to wear shoes with good breathability to avoid sweating too much on your feet and aggravate the athlete.

Here we should remind that if the pregnant mother is itchy in addition to itching, there are also itching in other parts of the body.For example, on the legs, body, and even itchy, and there are red or small red dots. At this time, you must be alert to might be mile.When the hospital does a check -up, be sure to inform the doctor truthfully and check whether the total bile acid is normal.

This is because if you have this disease, in addition to the symptoms of itching of the skin, it will also affect the growth and development of the fetus.If the bile stasis is accumulated in the placenta, it may cause fetal respiratory distress, slow development, and the incidence and mortality will increase significantly.

If the test results are normal, but still itchy, it may be caused by eczema.Pregnant mothers can apply cloakan washing agent or erythromycin ointment.


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