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In the global new crown epidemic

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Breastfeeding mothers If infected with new coronal virus

Do you need weaning?

If pregnant women are "recruited"

Will it affect the baby in the stomach?

Qi Biru, Director of the Obstetric Department of Fuzhou First Hospital

Answer this

"New coronal virus infection is not a contraindication of breastfeeding." Qi Biru introduced that breast milk is the most ideal nutritional product of infants. It is recommended that breastfeeding should be used within six months after birth.According to the current clinical observation, the possibility of new coronal virus transmitted to the baby through milk is extremely low.

It is worth noting that breastfeeding, skin contact and other behaviors can bring many benefits to mothers and babies, which greatly exceeds the risk of opportunities related to the new crown.Therefore, if the mother is infected with the new crown virus, in principle, it advocates continuing breastfeeding, but during the process of breastfeeding, remember to do personal protection, because the virus may be transmitted to the baby when the mothers speak, cough or sneeze.

It is recommended that Baoma do strict protection and wear N95 masks. Before contacting children or breast pumps, wash hands for at least 20 seconds, and avoid talking or cough during breast milk feeding.If you have cough or sneezing, you need to change the mask immediately.When you milk or use a breast pump, you must strictly execute hand hygiene and wear a mask; the breast pump should be standardized after the milk suction.It is recommended that mothers squeeze out milk and give healthy family members to feed newborns.

If pregnant women are "yang"

Will it be transmitted to the fetus?

"Research data shows that the probability of baby’s infection is extremely low through the placenta." Qi Biru introduced that monitoring data showed that the new crown -positive pregnant maternal maternal will basically not affect the health of newborns.However, in special circumstances, if the maternal maternal is a new crown, or the baby is a premature child, some newborn complications may occur, such as respiratory diseases.And most of the new crown positive for Maternal Maternal Maternal Maternal is asymptomatic or mild, so there is no need to worry too much.

Pregnant women infected with new coronal virus appear

Can you take medicine for symptoms such as high fever and cough?

Experts introduced that symptoms such as high fever and cough during pregnancy can take antipyretics and cough drugs. Pay attention to the weeks of pregnancy and selection of right medicines.Acetaminophenol is preferred to be available throughout the pregnancy. The cough drugs can be selected for the right Mishafin, but pay attention to the disable in the early pregnancy.

If you encounter any medication problems before, during pregnancy, and breastfeeding, you should consult a professional doctor or pharmacist.Do not listen to the biased prescriptions and the secret recipe and abuse drugs.If you have medication, you should develop recording habits so that you can clearly provide the name of the medication when needed to evaluate the degree of impact and impact on the fetus and breastfeeding.

Pregnant maternal infection with new coronal virus

How should I take care?

According to reports, mild pregnant women can observe and monitor symptoms at home, measure the body temperature once in half an hour to ensure the regular work and rest, and to drink more water to accelerate metabolism. If necessary, take physical cooling.Take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Pregnant women infected with new coronal virus

What symptoms need to seek medical treatment immediately?

Expert introduction

Main three categories

1. Symptoms of the respiratory tract: If there is severe symptoms such as severe pain, nasal congestion, and cough, it has seriously affected normal respiration and eating such symptoms. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time to avoid hypoxia, breath or malnutrition, and is not conducive to fetal development.

2. Systemic symptoms: If the fever continues to be relieved, or significantly high fever, as well as symptoms such as severe chest tightness, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, and other symptoms. In severe cases, it may also occur in breathing difficulties.

3. Other symptoms: If there is abnormal fetal movement or signs before childbirth, you should also seek medical treatment in time.During the consultation, it is recommended to go to the nearby medical institution to avoid taking public transport during the medical treatment, which can reduce the gathering of personnel and reduce the risk of cross -infection.


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