What should I do if I am pregnant during school?Choose cautiously, help you analyze in 5 aspects

In real life, many people are pregnant with their children during school, and it is always a problem to be born.In terms of science, this question cannot be accurately answered, because everyone’s situation is different, and there will be many factors to consider.

Generally speaking, how to choose after pregnancy during school, mainly consider the following aspects:

1. It depends on the relationship between the two sides.

If your feelings are very good and stable, you plan to get married together.It means that having a child is within your plan, but now it is a bit advanced.Under such circumstances, it is okay to choose this child.

2. It depends on the physical condition of women.

Dr. Long Tengfei, the attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, reminded that abortion is not a trivial matter, and it hurts the girl’s body.In this case, you can consult a doctor. If you choose a miscarriage, will it hurt the woman’s body a lot.There are even a small number of girls who have a special physical fitness and may never be pregnant after abortion.Generally speaking, considering the problem from the perspective of the body, it is better to give birth to the child.

3. Psychological preparation of both parties.

The role of a mother and mother still needs to be adaptable and prepared for psychological preparations. It means that the child is responsible for giving birth to him. It is impossible to discard it.Dr. Long Tengfei pointed out that if you or your family are not ready to welcome the child, after careful consideration, and through your own efforts, your family still feels that he still feels like giving up this child, so it is not recommended to bring this little life to bring this little life.this world.

4. Will it affect graduation?

Pregnancy to giving birth to a child is a long process, pregnant in October in October, and at least one year of lactation.During this period, we must take care of the children and take care of their studies. In my senior year, I was pregnant in my last semester. This is also facing many complicated things such as graduation.Nourishing and teaching is a very complicated problem. If you are at home, you may also cause graduation to be far away.It is also a very unacceptable consequence to study hard for more than ten years.

5. The most important thing for your own ideas.

It is mainly how you think about having a child.If you feel that no matter what the previous road, you especially want this child, don’t think about it, give birth to the child, and make a brave decision for yourself.

In short, the senior year was pregnant with a child last semester. If you want to be born, you must be responsible for the end.After all, the child is a life. Since he chose to let him come to this world, he must take care of him and allow him to grow happily and healthy.

Guide expert: Dr. Long Tengfei, the attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University.

Specialty: irregular menstruation, infertility, gynecological benign disease, gynecological endocrine disease, pelvic floor dysfunctional disease.Such as endocrine diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome, benign diseases such as gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids, and surgery and rehabilitation treatment of pelvic floor diseases such as urine leakage and uterine prolapse.

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