What should I do if I bleed in the early pregnancy?

Since having a baby, the pregnant mother has always been careful, and always pays attention to her body, for fear that the fetus will be accidentally accidentally.But life during pregnancy is not so smooth. For example, as soon as you see a small amount of bleeding on the underwear in the early pregnancy, you are panicked and scared.

According to a medical research statistics, more than 50%of pregnant women can pass the bleeding level in the early stages of pregnancy and successfully continue pregnancy; about 30%of pregnant women may have abortion; in addition, nearly 10%of pregnant women may be other problems orEctopic pregnancy and so on.So, what is the specific cause of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy?What should I do?

1. The most common cause of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy is a threatened abortion. Before the placenta is completely formed, the embryo bed is not stable. Therefore, many factors can cause abortion, excessive labor, excessive pressure, environmental pollution, and smoking.The bleeding during pregnancy caused by embryo itself is mainly due to the problems of the embryo itself.

2. The most dangerous cause of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy.It has been a risk factor for abortion, pelvic inflammatory disease, or influenza surgery.Due to the increase in cesarean section, pregnancy at the incision of cesarean section is becoming more and more common.

3. The most unpleasant cause of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy is that there are about one -thousandth of the incidence.The mother is less than 20 years old or higher than 40 years old. Female friends such as hydatidal disease and smoking have been prone to this disease.Early symptoms of hydatidus are sometimes difficult to distinguish between normal pregnancy and can be diagnosed with ultrasound.

4. The most susceptible cause of vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy is the problem of cervix.The cervix has polyps or lesions, and it is easy to bleed due to changes in pregnancy hormones.

5. There are a few causes of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy that are in bed bleeding. Some people appear a small amount of vaginal bleeding about one week after ovulation, or there is a faint uncomfortable small belly. Generally, it will last for two or three days. There are no obvious symptoms.No special treatment is required.

6. The reason why vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy is that the rejuvenation is the biochemical pregnancy, which is obviously pregnant, but it is gone.If most people do not do an HCG examination, they think that a normal menstruation is here.Biochemical pregnancy is generally not good in the quality of the embryo itself, or occasionally chromosomal mutations, or natural survival of the fittest.

Find the cause of early pregnancy bleeding, let’s calm down a panic and see if you need to treat it.

1. For the pioneering current, one point of view is "the survival of the fittest", but the necessary fetal preservation measures should still be taken, especially the previous history of abortion, which requires tire protection.Of course, the peace of mind is also conducive to fetal protection.

2. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, no matter what type of ectopic pregnancy, I recommend hospitalization, even if it is still doubtful, because ectopic pregnancy will be in danger of life.

3. The treatment of hydatidium is mainly curettage. We must regularly review after surgery.During the review period, it must be strictly contraceptive, and you can plan to get pregnant after two years.

4. Cervical diseases generally need to do cervical TCT and HPV examinations.However, bleeding caused by cervical lesions is often difficult to distinguish between bleeding caused by miscarriage, so doctors are generally processed according to threatened abortion during early pregnancy.If the cervical polyps are large, you can consider doing a small surgery during pregnancy and remove the polyps.

I believe that the causes and treatment of early pregnancy are roughly known. If you are still panicked, you can talk to me and go to the hospital for examination to keep it.

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