What should I do if I do toothache during pregnancy?Obstetrician and Gynecologist: Do not cure fetal miscarriage!It may also cause premature birth

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In 1981, the oral health standards formulated by the World Health Organization were: clean tooth cleaning, no caries, no pain, normal gums, and no bleeding.

According to data from the 4th National Oral Survey of the Fourth time, the hematopoietic rate of dental caries and gums of middle -aged and elderly people is as high as 90%.

It can be seen that there are many adult oral problems, and due to the changes in hormones during pregnancy, the probability of oral problems is greater.

▲ More prone to oral problems during pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones, due to vomiting from time to time, and increasing food intake, it will stimulate the mouth.Many mothers do not have too many oral problems when they are not pregnant, and various oral problems such as gum bleeding, dental caries, gum inflammation and other oral problems will follow after pregnancy.”Zero plan”

▲ Oral problems during pregnancy lead to malnutrition

It is a very difficult thing to eat when tooth pain. Do not want to eat tooth pain, which will affect the intake of food. At the same time, it will also affect the nutritional intake of the mother. Mother’s malnutrition will also cause fetal growth and development.Essence

▲ The development of fetal deciduous teeth

The baby’s deciduous teeth during the fetal period have begun to develop or even calcified. At this time, if the mother does not replenish protein, calcium, vitamin A, etc. for children’s teeth development and calcification, if the mother is in the mouth problemHealth.

▲ The incidence of premature birth is higher

Some research reports show that pregnant women with severe periodontitis have increased by 7 times the risk of premature birth.

Oral infection leads to too much inflammatory medium in the body and causes premature birth.

▲ Caused fetal abortion

Obstetrician Zhu Baoju, a pregnant woman who diagnosed a dental disease, was popular: Don’t be afraid to affect the fetus when treating teeth. These anesthesia affects very small. If you are pregnant, you can cause abortion if you are pregnant.

▲ Incorrect oral treatment will affect the emotions of pregnant mothers

The mood of the mother during pregnancy will directly affect the baby’s emotions. If the mother does not eat well because of her oral problems, she does not have a good mood, but because she fails to get comprehensive treatment during pregnancy, it will also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

★ A detailed oral examination of the first three months of pregnancy

It is recommended that my mother should see a dentist once when preparing for pregnancy, conduct a detailed examination of her teeth, and find a sign of dental caries or inflammation.There is a problem with teeth during pregnancy.

★ Use mouthwash in early pregnancy

Many mothers’ early pregnancy reactions will have vomiting. Our stomach has gastric acid, and vomiting can stimulate our teeth.

Therefore, in addition to cleaning the mouth with water after vomiting, it is recommended to use mouthwash to clean the mouth. Wash can inhibit or even kill the tooth spots in the mouth, which is conducive to preventing vomiting stimulation caused by teeth.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers start to use mouthwash during pregnancy. They can be used throughout and confinement throughout pregnancy.

★ Learn to use dental floss

Moms eat more foods during pregnancy, and there will inevitably be that food residues are sandwiched in the gaps.At this time, only toothbrushes are used to brush their teeth, it may not be cleaned, so pregnant mothers must learn to use dental floss, shave their teeth carefully after each meal, shave the residue of the gaps of the teeth, and avoid the tooth spots from taking them to make food crazy.Breeding.

★ It is recommended to use an electric toothbrush

CCTV’s "Weekly Quality Report" once made a first -issue popular science on electric toothbrushes.One of the experiments tells us that the cleaning power of electric toothbrushes is much better than ordinary toothbrushes.

During the pregnancy, because of tiredness and uncomfortable, she may not be so detailed in doing a lot of things. Using an electric toothbrush can make the mother brush more clean when brushing her teeth, avoiding the risk of dental bacteria in the mouth and reducing the risk of dental caries.

★ Eat more vegetables and fruits

During the pregnancy, the oral cavity is more likely to cause gum bleeding due to hormones. At this time, the mother should eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, which can make the capillaries stronger and avoid bleeding gums.

When brushing your teeth, the movement should be slightly softer to avoid stimulating the gums.

★ Oral problems should be seen in time to see the dentist in time

Many pregnant mothers find that there are problems with teeth during pregnancy, and they are carrying hard, or find some recipes by themselves.

You cannot follow X -rays in the early pregnancy, but the oral emergency treatment can still be done.

In the middle of pregnancy, it is a time to deal with oral problems.

★ Nutritional balance during pregnancy is conducive to the development of fetal teeth

The dental embryo of the fetus from 1 to 2 months of pregnancy starts to develop. Mom pays attention to drinking milk and eating meat, consumes high -quality protein and calcium, eats vitamin A in animal liver, sufficient protein, calcium and vitamin A can improve childrenThe ability to prevent dental caries after birth.

Pay attention to the intake of calcium, magnesium, vitamin AD and other nutrients in the middle and late pregnancy, promote the calcification of deciduous teeth, and make the child more tough after birth.

Pregnancy is a key stage for mothers’ oral problems. We must prevent early prevention, not afraid of trouble, pay attention to oral hygiene, balanced nutrition, and promote fetal teeth development.

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