What should I do if I don’t want to eat during pregnancy, my mother is pregnant with her baby but thinner

During pregnancy, pregnant women supplemented a lot of nutrition, decreased activity, and their bodies often gain weight. Most people’s weight rose straight and could not control it at all.However, some people can’t eat meals after pregnancy, and they finally spit out a little bit. Not only did they not heavy, but their bodies became thinner. What was going on?Pregnant mothers are worried that thinning will affect the baby’s health. Do you have this phenomenon when you are pregnant?

@The most gentle: I have been pregnant for 5 months, eating less than eating before pregnancy, my body is thinner, and I feel uncomfortable to eat more. It is normal to go to the hospital.I believe that the baby will be peaceful, and the body will be checked in a timely manner.

@遥 We look at each other and settle down each other: Since I am two months pregnant, I ca n’t eat things every day. I have lost 10 pounds, which is more effective than losing weight.During the hospital check -up, the doctor said that the baby was very healthy. If you ca n’t eat it, drink a little porridge, and your appetite will slowly get better.

@: Everyone’s reaction during pregnancy is light and heavy. Some pregnant mothers have drowsiness, and some feel nausea and vomiting. This is a normal physiological response. When vomiting, you need to pay attention to hydration.It will slowly recover, and it will not be too late to make up.

@灭 will definitely lose weight if you don’t want to eat. I always feel dizzy when I am pregnant. I feel that I want to vomit the greasy taste.At that time, I lost two pounds. In order to eat more, my mother -in -law changed her pattern every day for me. It would be fine after a while.

Why don’t you want to eat during pregnancy

Pregnant women will have loss of appetite since the second month. This is due to the hormone effect of the body that causes some changes in the intestine to weaken the gastric function. The food in the intestine is too long to cause anorexia.In addition, the pregnant mother is more nervous or psychologically hints, the phenomenon of vomiting is more serious.During pregnancy, you should pay attention to your own diet to avoid being too greasy and spicy. Some foods during pregnancy are taboo, and pregnant mothers should not eat more.

2 What to do if your body is thinner

Early pregnancy reactions will cause some mothers to lose weight, and mothers should not be too anxious.Pregnant mothers can divert their attention and keep their mood happy, so as to reduce the symptoms of vomiting.It should be noted that if the nausea is severe and the vomiting is severe, it will be abnormal. The metabolism of the pregnant mother should consult a doctor and take some appetizers to help digestion drugs.Although there is no appetite, you must insist on eating, a small amount, and make more choices according to your own taste to increase your appetite.

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