What should I do if I feel uncomfortable in the backache and pain pot?Expert: There are ways to eliminate these postpartum problems

After giving birth, the waist is easily painful, bend over, and feel that the waist and hips are heavy when walking, and sometimes it is painful.

After filming, the doctor also said it was normal.

I’m uncomfortable now, what should I do?

—— I doubt from a postpartum mother

Ms. Zhang, who was just promoted to her mother, was still greeted her baby’s arrival. I did not expect that various problems in the waist hit.I thought it was just a confinement. Who knew that the pain had not eased, which seriously affected the quality of life after childbirth.

"The pain of pregnancy has passed, why is it so uncomfortable?"

Ms. Zhang, who came to Beijing Youlian Hospital, raised her questions after gynecology:

"I have a good rest in the confinement, I have never done heavy work, and I have painless pain during childbirth. Why still have back pain?"

Gynecology Director 丨 Yao Xiuying

Director Yao Xiuying: His back pain has nothing to do with anesthesia.Most of the mother’s waist and abdomen pain is due to the weakened muscle function in the postpartum basin, the weakness of the waist and abdomen muscles, and soreness.

Why do women have pelvic floor dysfunction?

The bottom of the female basin is composed of muscles and fascia. It is like a suspension. It supports pelvic organs such as bladder, uterus, rectal, etc. at the perineal anus to maintain a number of physiological functions such as sexual life, urination, and bowel movement.

Women’s pelvic floor dysfunction is mainly used with urinary incontinence. Pelvic organs include dysence, the anterior wall of the vaginal wall, the swelling of the vaginal wall, the swelling of the vagina, and the chronic pelvic pain.The disease caused local infections for patients’ difficulty in going out, urinary incontinence, and seriously affecting women’s health and quality of life."

"It’s finally not so uncomfortable now."

After gynecological experts through biological feedback, electrical stimulus training and treatment through the pelvic floor muscles, Ms. Zhang opened the first pelvic foundation repair.Specialist chosen suitable electrical stimulation for Ms. Zhang, awaken muscles, repair damage, and help return to the muscle strength and elasticity of pre -pregnancy muscles and relieve physical fatigue from the root.

At the suggestion of experts, Ms. Zhang actively participated in the treatment. After completing all the treatment, the symptoms of waist and hip muscles have basically disappeared.

Pain in the postpartum is a common phenomenon of pregnant mothers. From the perspective of the older generation, tolerance has passed, but the pain is the help signal from the body. If not pay attention, women are prone to multiple sequelae in the later period.With the advancement of modern medical care, these problems have already had reasonable solutions, and some pain is not necessary to continue.For families with babies, the quality of life of Baoma is more convenient for the baby’s later care.Born a child is a big event for the family, and the whole family must pay attention to it.

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