What should I do if I get pregnant?Bao Ma: My husband suspects that I derailment, and the baby is born to dispel doubts

Xirui is a typical pregnancy -easy physical fitness.I suspected that Xirui was derailed, and she always quarreled with her during pregnancy. At that time, Xirui often cried and burst into heart, saying that when the child was born to do parent -child identification.After the child was born, she was very similar to her husband, and then she dispelled her husband’s doubts and knew that it was misunderstanding that Xirui was misunderstood.Xi Rui himself is also very puzzled. Why can there be no husband and wife life after menstruation?

It is not proud of having a pregnancy -prone physique. Some netizens said: as soon as you go to bed, you shake …

@轩 小: I ate Yuting afterwards. After three days of menstruation, early pregnancy reactions occurred half a month after menstruation, and the test strip was pregnant!

@Netizen Lele Mummy: It’s really annoying, I am pregnant as soon as I touch, I am pregnant three times a year, and I finally have a pair of homocal twins. I have a long pain for a long time.The contraceptive pill is also taken, and no matter how to use it. You can already have a child and a daughter. Regeneration really can’t afford it!

@Netizen Mao Mao: I have an experience of ectopic pregnancy, so the fallopian tubes are removed, but I still get pregnant as soon as I touch it. I also take myself. I really hope that my fertility ability can be given to those women who are difficult to get pregnant.

@孕: If you are born when you are pregnant, there are six baby in my family.I have a condom twice and a contraceptive ring once. I really don’t know how to contraceptive.Fortunately, my husband was considerate to me and was willing to ligation.

@爱: I must take safety measures for my husband and wife life, otherwise I will be pregnant. I am nervous every month, I am afraid of being pregnant.well!Life is really unfair, it is easy to have what others want, and there is no one who wants.

@:: After menstruation, you can breathe a breath, afraid of pregnancy. Once you are pregnant, you have to be a flow of people. It hurts his body and feels sorry for the fetus. After all, it is a life.The physical fitness physical fitness gave me two treasures, but fortunately, my husband was about to ligate immediately.

The susceptible physical fitness is really amazing. Women with this constitution have strong fertility, and many common contraceptive methods cannot play a good effect.There are many times of pregnancy. The pain is that you ca n’t need to be pregnant. You can only choose to be a flow of people and hurt your body. Are you pregnant?

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