What should I do if I get pregnant often?Please pay attention to a few points

Does pregnant women affect the fetus?In fact, constipation itself is not a very serious health problem, but pregnant mothers are more worried about the health of the fetus during pregnancy.As a result, many pregnant women have a little discomfort, they are afraid of affecting fetal development.

What is the cause of constipation after pregnancy?There are a few points to pay attention:

One: In addition to the impact of hormones, there are many other reasons for pregnant women to obtain constipation.Constipation can generally be divided into three types: relaxation, spasm, and rectal.The constipation of pregnant women during pregnancy is mostly relaxed constipation.After pregnancy, the amount of mothers of almost all expectant mothers will be reduced, which is the most common cause of constipation.In addition, after a small number of expectant mothers, after the presence of defecation, they are always worried that they will cause the fetus to fall out and dare not force them. This is one of the reasons for constipation.

Two: What harm would constipation would cause mothers and babies?

During pregnancy, due to decreased gastric acid secretion, reduced physical activity, and other factors.In addition, the fetus gradually increases, and the inflated uterus compresses the small intestine, so it is prone to constipation.In the third trimester, constipation will become more and more serious. Often, there are no stools for a few days, and even 1-2 weeks fail to defecate, which will cause pregnant women to abdominal pain and bloating.In severe cases, it can lead to intestinal obstruction and premature birth, which endangers maternal and infant safety.Some pregnant women suffering from constipation have stood in the intestinal tube during childbirth.

Three: What should I do if I get pregnant often constipation?

① Develop good habits of timely stools. You can go to the toilet on time or not after the morning, after breakfast or before going to bed.

② Pay attention to conditioning the diet and eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits with more cellulose.Coarse fiber has the effects of stimulating digestive fluid secretion, promoting intestinal motility, and shortening the time of the passage of food in the digestive tract.The crude fiber absorbs water in the intestine, making the feces soft and easy to discharge.Foods containing more crude fiber include: coarse grains, potatoes, vegetables and fruits.For example: millet, corn, sweet potato, radish, leek, cabbage, celery, Chinese cabbage, banana, apple, etc.

③ Apply some lightweight activities to promote the enhancement of intestinal tube movement, shorten the time of food through the intestinal tract, and increase defecation.

④ Drink a glass of boiling or cold water on an empty stomach every morning, which is also a good way to stimulate intestinal motility, which helps defecation.

⑤ Honey has a laxative effect, which can be adjusted.If the above methods are taken, you can take some alleviating medicines, but you must pay attention to the guidance of a doctor.Disable ravioline laxes to avoid abortion.

Pay attention to the following points: a little lighter diet, taboo fat, high sugar, spicy, fried foods, white wine, coffee and other irritating drinks, eat more vegetables, fruits, and other foods.Sleep., Strengthen physical exercise. Jogging, playing Taijiquan, etc. Daily stools every day, no more than 3 minutes. You need to cultivate stool reflexes without stool. Avoid the anal mucosa prolapse when you stool.Sitting in the bath and keeping the anus clean. Twice a day, 15 minutes each time. Apply soap with your fingers and gently reach into the anus massage. Don’t force it too hard to avoid damaging the mucous membrane.

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