What should I do if my expectant mother bleeds before giving birth?Must understand these


Entering the last pregnancy month, due to endocrine changes and compression of the uterine, there will be some uncomfortable symptoms.”Should be given birth. She should avoid going out or outside for a long time.At this time, proper exercise is still indispensable, but it should not be excessive to prevent childbirth from consuming too much energy. Nutrition, sleep and recuperation must be sufficient.If you have a signs of delivery or bleeding, you cannot take a bath.”1000 days early”

In the last month, expectant mothers longed for the arrival of the baby. On the one hand, they were anxious and nervous about worrying about various accidents. The fear of childbirth was pressed like a stone.In fact, knowing what is going on, it will easily face it.Specific mothers can collect information in this area, or participate in prenatal training courses, comprehensively and objective understanding of childbirth, maintain a relaxed and confident state, and welcome the baby’s birth.”D pregnant woman”

The baby is about to meet you this month!Therefore, expectant mothers should always pay attention to the signs of labor, and regular contractions, water breaking, and redness are the most common labeling signs:

1) The contraction is often irregular at first, and when it happens more and more regular, it is not far from childbirth.Once the contraction is frequent and regular, it occurs for about every 5 minutes, and the uterus is rigid, and it feels painful or backache, which means that the childbirth is about to begin, and you should immediately go to the hospital for delivery.

2) If there is a little vaginal blood secretion, that is, people often say "seeing red", don’t be nervous. Generally speakingPymomies, you can go to the hospital once regular abdominal pain occur.However, if vaginal bleeding occurs, such as menstrual flow, you must be alert to premature pregnancy complications such as placenta, so you should go to the hospital for examination immediately.

3) When the water breaks, whether there is contractions or not to go to the hospital in time.On the way to the hospital, expectant mothers should lie flat, because the umbilical cord may be removed when the amniotic fluid flows out, and the umbilical cord around the neck can cause the fetus to die.If there are not many amniotic fluid flowing out, some expectant mothers will mistakenly think that leucorrhea is increased.If this is the case in the third trimester, go to the hospital to check whether the water is broken, don’t care about it.

You need to consume a lot of physical strength during your childbirth, so in the month of labor, you have to try to eat and eat as much as possible. The prospective father should find a way to let your wife eat more nutritious and easy -to -digest foods.Eggs, milk, lean meat, fish and shrimp and soybean products may wish to eat more.

Pregnant women in the third trimester can conduct breathing training during childbirth, that is, during childbirth, the mother should adjust her breath with the body to relax her body, relieve pain, reduce fatigue, and conducive to childbirth.In the process of adjusting their breathing, pregnant women can dispel the psychology of restlessness and fear, and concentrate on childbirth.Training for shallow breath of chest.Lie on your back, bend your knees, expand your chest into the air, do not move your abdomen, relax your lips, open your mouth slightly, exhale and inhale the same.Do 15 seconds when you start practicing, and continue to practice for 30 seconds after habit.

From now on, you should do more exercise, do some preparations for childbirth, and prepare for your baby at any time.Starting from 37 weeks of pregnancy, a weekly inspection must be carried out every week.In addition to routine examinations and fetal heart monitoring, doctors will also perform fetal position and pelvic examination in addition to routine examinations and fetal heart monitoring to determine the way of childbirth.However, the most important thing is the habit of detecting fetal movements every day.The last time before delivery was inspected for fetal heart monitoring and B -ultrasound examination to understand the condition of amniotic fluid and fetus in the uterus.If there are no signs of childbirth for more than 41 weeks, pregnant mothers should be hospitalized and induced labor, because the fetus will face the risk of hypoxia in the palace for a long time.

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