What should I do if my husband and wife get pregnant unexpectedly?Divided into several cases to find out!

Will taking unsuitable medicines without knowing pregnancy cause harm to the fetus?When the fetus quietly arrives, will the habit of smoking and drinking harm the fetus?The expectant mother has just performed her hair or participated in the physical examination, and did X -ray examination, etc. Will the fetus be affected?

Smoking, drinking, perm, accidental pregnancy

In today’s society, many newlywed couples are not ready to be parents, and they are too busy with work, or they feel that they are too young, and wait for two years.But after learning that I was pregnant, I suddenly realized that I usually smoked and drinking. Will I have an impact on the baby just a few days ago?

In fact, the problem is not big. Zhuyao Ma Bao’s father should immediately ban smoking and alcohol immediately after discovering pregnancy. After that, he is regularly checked during pregnancy to maintain the fetus with peace of mind.If you still do n’t worry, you can go to the relevant hospital to tell your own situation and do it accordingly according to the doctor’s suggestion.

I am pregnant unexpectedly while taking contraceptives

After taking contraceptives, I have not prepared for the time being, but I have accidents in my heart, but everything is accidental. The contraceptive pills are not 100 % avoided.Regarding whether contraceptives can cause fetal malformations, there are still questions.

Of course, don’t always think that it will cause inevitable damage to the fetus or cause the fetus to develop abnormally, which will cause the mothers to restless, but it will affect the fetus!Secondly, the specific situation must be in contact with the doctor in a timely manner.

Remind the prospective mother’s prospective father: Taking contraceptive pills must be quantitative regularly, avoid random.Only in this way can the damage caused by contraceptive pills to the minimum.

I don’t know if I am pregnant, but I took the medical examination and did the X -ray examination

In fact, you don’t have to worry too much about the bad stimulus of the fetus.If the fertilized eggs or embryos are injured that cannot be resisted, then it will not work.If you don’t know if you are pregnant, you must first maintain a good mentality, you must go to the hospital for related examinations!

Unexpected pregnancy wife or husband is unwilling to

Daddy and prospective mothers, each baby is a gift from angels on earth.When most people know that they want to be parents, they will be very happy to welcome the baby’s arrival.However, if the unexpected pregnancy makes one of the husband and wife unacceptable, the party willing to accept must calm down, patiently discuss with the other party, we must seriously weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and do not decide the abortion easily.Waiting for the last time, in general, the party who rejected is not ready to be when the parents are prepared. There will be some resistance. When you calm down, you will slowly accept it.Do not make impulsive and eager to make the decision to regret the two sides!

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