What should I do if pregnant women have a fever?Will fever affect the baby?Specific mothers come here

1. Symptoms of fever

Generally speaking, when a fever, human temperature will be higher than normal body temperature.Although there is also a fluctuation of normal body temperature, there will be a range, higher than this range is the symptoms of fever.In addition to the high body temperature when fever, it will also be accompanied by symptoms of dizziness and loss of appetite, and some even have a manifestation of cold and tremor.

2. What should I do if pregnant women have a fever?

Pregnant women are in a special period, and their physical functions are special.At this time, if the symptoms of fever occur, it is more troublesome, because they are afraid of affecting the baby’s development, so many times pregnant women do not know what is good. Below, let’s take a look at some suggestions.

1. Find the cause of a fever while strengthening the body’s resistance.

Generally speaking, the cause of fever is caused by cold inflammation, and some are viral fever.On the other hand, pay attention to rest and nutritional supplement.When fever, the body’s resistance itself is poor, and there will be symptoms of dizziness and weakness. At this time, you should pay more attention to rest, supplement nutrition, and enhance the body’s disease resistance.

2. Pay attention to the use of physical cooling.

Moderate fever measures are necessary when pregnant women have a fever.Because fever affects the health of the mother and embryo, it should be appropriately cooling the physical cooling method that has no harm to the human body.Generally, you can take a warm water bath, or wipe your body with a warm towel, take away the temperature of the body surface, stick with the hot sticker, or use ice bag for ice.

3. Hospital for medical treatment.

When the fever temperature is too high, or when the high fever does not retreat, go to the hospital for medical treatment in time, check the cause of the fever, eliminate some other complications, and treat reasonable treatment under the guidance of the doctor to find out the cause of the cause.Do not think that fever is a small thing without going to the hospital for examination, which sometimes hurts the health of the fetus.

4. Avoid medication privately.

When pregnant women have a fever, they cannot use the medicine to reduce fever without a doctor’s guidance.This is mainly because the drugs cannot be used casually during pregnancy, and some drugs will affect the healthy development of the fetus.Another reason is that after fever, no cause is found. It is just that I want to reduce fever is not a scientific anti -fever method. You should first find the pathogen of the fever and then use the medicine scientifically.

Third, the type of fever during pregnancy

Generally speaking, normal fever can be divided into bacterial infections and infectious virus infections, but sometimes it should be noted that fever may be signal lights for other diseases.

1. Bacterial fever

Generally, it is because of inflammation during a cold, or bacterial infections caused by other inflammation problems. If it is not cured for a long time, it will cause fever.This kind of fever can cause dizziness and other symptoms, but it will not be accompanied by the whole body feel cold and trembling.Bacterial fever generally does not have a good curative effect. The effect of antipyretic heating is not obvious. It is necessary to destroy the pathogens that cause fever first, so that the symptoms of fever will naturally disappear.

2. Viral fever

Generally, it is caused by the invasion of the virus.Viral colds can cause white blood cells, get cold when fever, and their bodies are trembling.At this time, the cooling effect of the antipyretic medicine is obvious, and if there are no other symptoms, it will be cured as long as the medicine is taken.

3. Non -infective diseases

The first two are infectious diseases, but the fever is sometimes caused by non -infectious diseases. At this time, you should pay more attention.This may be caused by some blood diseases or some malignant tumors, or it is caused by rheumatism.Therefore, after a fever, go to the hospital for examination to determine the cause, and then apply the right medicine according to your own disease status.

4. Does fever during pregnancy affect the fetus?

1. Early pregnancy

Early pregnancy is a critical period for the main organ formation of embryo, so at this time, pregnant women have a high fever and no retreat. The impact on the embryo will be relatively large, which may cause congenital malformations in the fetus.Even if this is not the case, there will be different degrees of incompleteness, so at this time, fever is very harmful to babies.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

At this time, the embryo is in a relatively stable state. At this time, whether it is viral fever or bacterial fever, it will not directly cause damage to the fetus, but if high fever is not retired, corresponding treatment measures should be taken to relieve fever symptoms.Because the viral fever can make the mother extremely uncomfortable, under certain circumstances, it will also affect the baby’s healthy development.Bacterial colds generally do not have a large impact, as long as general physical cooling can be used to solve.However, if a high fever occurs at this time, you should seek medical treatment in time to find out the reason.

3. Late pregnancy

At this time, babies are basically forming. At this time, high fever will sometimes cause premature birth, and some will cause the fetus to suffer from sepsis, jaundice, meningitis, etc. after birth, so this period is also more dangerous.During this period of fever, baby fetal heartbeat will increase sharply, and the fetus is in a state of hypoxia. Therefore, at this time, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid the occurrence of infant hypoxia or even fetal death.

4. Can you continue your pregnancy

This problem cannot be subject to subjectively. You need to communicate with the doctor in time to check to understand the detailed situation of the embryo in time. In order to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, you can decide whether to continue your pregnancy.

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