What should I do if pregnant women have back pain?These 7 methods can "liberate" pregnant mothers

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Back pain+leg acid

what to do?

During pregnancy, with the growth of the fetus, the burden on the waist of pregnant women will also increase, so some pregnant women are prone to back pain, and some pregnant mothers have always had a lot of irreversible leg pain since pregnancy.Sometimes on the knee, sometimes on the calf, and sometimes on the root of the thigh.When I went to the hospital to ask the doctor, the reason was because the pregnancy compressed nerves. The fetus gradually grew up. The uterus compressed each part. The blood circulation in the lower body was not smooth, resulting in fatigue in the lower body.So what should I do if I encounter these problems during pregnancy?

Appropriate amount of calcium supplement

During pregnancy, fetal development requires a large amount of calcium elements. If the calcium intake is insufficient, it is easy to cause the osteogenesis of the pregnant woman to soften calcium and decarculent, causing back pain and leg acid.It is recommended to eat more calcium -containing foods, such as pork bones, milk, eggs, beans, etc.You can also bask in the sun and eat composite calcium tablets.

Weight control

Many pregnant women have supplemented a large amount of nutrients because they do not pay attention to controlling their daily diet, resulting in an excessive increase in weight. The obese body has increased a heavier burden on the waist, and pregnant women are prone to back pain.

Eat less candy food

If you eat too much sweets during pregnancy, you will not only increase weight and blood sugar, but also cause loss of calcium and vitamin B, which will cause symptoms of leg pain.

Give up your legs

Some pregnant women have a manifestation of leg pain while sleeping, mainly because of the lower limb edema caused by the enlarged uterine.It is recommended to put your legs when you sleep, which can relieve the symptoms of leg pain caused by the edema of the leg. Of course, you can also put a pillow.

Dilute feet

Soak your feet with about 40 degrees of hot water every day, and soak your feet to mix the boiled water with warm water with warm water.It can be soaked for 20 minutes at a time, which can not only relieve fatigue, but also relax the muscles, activate, promote blood circulation, and effectively improve the symptoms of leg pain.If you are a knee, you can use a towel to apply hot water, mainly to promote blood circulation of the lower limbs, it is best to walk every day.

Proper massage

By gently massage, it can help pregnant women to relax the muscles of the waist and legs. However, it is recommended that pregnant women should not use essential oils, because many essential oils may cause the risk of abortion in pregnant women. For example, rose essential oils have the effect of promoting blood circulation and stasis.It can make my husband massage the pain every day for ten minutes, which is the same as the principle of soaking your feet, which helps blood circulation.

Mild exercise

During pregnancy, especially in the middle of pregnancy, pregnant women can try some mild exercises to relieve back pain. The exercises that are more suitable for pregnant women include yoga and swimming. These exercises are conducive to enhancing the strength of the waist and back muscles.However, when doing exercise, pregnant women should pay attention to gel and not too tired.

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