What should I do if the endometrium is too thin and too thick?Different levels of treatment methods

When a female friend goes to a gynecological examination, a label of the endometrium thickness will be seen on it.The thickness of the endometrium is different in different periods. Some female friends may have a tips that the endometrium is too thick or too thin after examination, but some people think that the body usually does not feel much abnormal, and does not feel that they do not feel likeUnwilling, so I feel nothing so -called.So what is the fact?

The endometrium is affected by estrogen, and the thickness of each menstrual cycle will change significantly, and then it will fall off in a cycle. After shedding, bleeding is the menstruation of women.When pregnancy, the endometrium will rapidly proliferate, providing nutrition for the growth and development of the embryo.We often compare the endometrium to soil, and to compare the fertilized eggs as seeds. If the environment of the endometrium is relatively good, we can provide a good environment for the development of embryos.On the contrary, if the environment of the endometrium is relatively poor, it may become difficult for women to become difficult for women.

The thickness of the endometrium is not in the normal range, and it is not good or too thick. It is generally believed that the thickness of the endometrium during ovulation is 7-14mm. 7-14mm is suitable for embryonic development.bright:

1. Octometrial is too thin: When the endometrium is less than 7 mm, it is considered to be the endometrium too thin. At this time, the pregnancy rate of women will decrease significantly because the endometrium is too thin.Making fertilized eggs cannot go to bed smoothly, even if we go in bed, the probability of abortion will increase.

2. Excessive endometrium: The endometrium is not good, so will the endometrium thick be good?Of course, it is not. If you have artificial conception or ovulation in medicine, it is found that the endometrium is more than 14 mm. Generally, it will not be transplanted in this cycle, because this environment is actually not conducive to embryonic development.Then the case is the case under natural conception. It is not a suitable time to find that the endometrium is too thick.Because the endometrium is too thick, it may be the presence of endometrial hyperplasia, and endometrial hyperplasia is usually caused by abnormal estrogen secretion. There will be a manifestation of menstruation or amenorrhea.If the quality is not good, it is difficult to conceive.

The thickness of the uterine endometrium will change, not to say that it is fixed, so even if these abnormalities are found, female friends do not have to be too anxious.

1. Method of thin endometrium treatment: First of all, for women with too thin uterine endometrium, most of the estrogen may have insufficient cases, because we just mentioned that endometrium is affected by estrogen.Therefore, it is generally supplemented by natural estrogen in medicine. In addition, it is recommended that patients regulate their mood to avoid nervousness due to mental factors.At the same time, it is recommended to make up more, eat more beans, soy products, honey, black sesame and other foods, quit smoking and drinking, thereby bringing good maintenance measures to the uterus.

2. Excessive endometrial thickness: The endometrium thickness is also correspondingly based on drug therapy. It is mainly hormone and ovulation -promoting drugs. At the same time, a long -term examination and testing is required. In additionPerform surgery.

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