What should I do if the man does not want the child and refuses to give a tire fee. What should I do?

Recently, some netizens asked questions in the backstage: What should I do if the man does not want the child and refuses to give the fetus?

First of all, do you want to want this child yourself?If you want to keep this child yourself, no matter whether the man is willing or not, after the child is born, non -marriage children have the same rights as children of marriage and children. The man has a legal support obligation to the child.If the child’s maintenance fee, if the man has a fixed income, the maintenance fee can generally be determined according to the income of the year or the annual average income of the same industry in the same year according to the total monthly income.

Article 1071 of the Civil Code of the Civil Code enjoys the same rights as children of marriage and children, and no organization or individual shall be harm and discriminated against.

The biological father or mother who does not directly raise children who are not married, should bear the support for adult children who are adults or adult children who cannot live independently.

If you don’t want children yourself, according to Taoist, the man should pay this money, and you can negotiate with the man.

During the period of love, the men and women are more responsible for moral responsibility, which is a category of moral regulation adjustment. The woman’s pregnancy during love is caused by the bias of the original and defendant’s view of love, not the unilateral responsibility of any party.In the case of unmarried pregnancy due to voluntary behavior, if you spend medical care and nutrition costs that you spend, because these costs have a causal relationship with the man, you can ask the man to share it.If you want to sue for men to pay fees, in general, in accordance with the principles of fairness, you and the man are half out.

If there is a fault for your pregnancy and miscarriage, he should pay all the money and bear the liability for infringement. If it causes personal damage to you, the medical expenses, nursing fees, and transportation expenses should be compensated for treatment and treatment.Rehabilitation expenses and revenue due to miscalculation are reduced.

Although we have the freedom to punish our sexual rights, but when we are in love, do n’t have a relationship too fast. I know that people know and do n’t know. Now we can see that this person ’s true face and can get out of time.Fortunately.

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