What should I do if there are chocolate cysts during pregnancy?Woman to understand in advance

Comparing with chocolate cysts is the endometriosis. Under normal circumstances, the endometrium of the uterine should be in the uterine cavity. Because of the impact of hormones, bleeding will be dropped once a month to form menstruation.If the endometrium is in other parts, the blood cannot be eliminated normally, and the block is slowly formed, which will become chocolate cysts over time.

1. Irregular menstruation

Chocolate cysts are caused by the disease caused by menstrual flow, which can affect women’s menstruation, disrupt the menstrual cycle, and cause women’s menstrual flow abnormality.Some women’s menstrual flow will increase suddenly, and the menstrual period will be prolonged. Some patients will decrease their menstrual flow, and even amenorrhea will occur.

2. There will be pain in sexual life

If the endometrium grows at the position of the ligament and the postproof area of the vagina, there will be obvious pain every time you have sex.This pain is like dysmenorrhea, and it will be accompanied by a little bleeding.

3. Infertility

Most of the patients with chocolate cysts will have infertility. Although such patients can ovulate normally, cysts can cause tubal adhesion or blocking tubes, which are not conducive to ovulation. Sperm and eggs cannot be combined normally.Normal transporting to the uterine cavity eventually leads to female infertility.

4, dysmenorrhea

Chocolate cysts will be accompanied by symptoms of dysmenorrhea. This pain is secondary, and dysmenorrhea will intensify.Some people have begun to have symptoms of dysmenorrhea before menstruation. After the end of menstruation, the pain is generally concentrated in the lower abdomen.

5. Infection in the urinary tract system

When chocolate cysts are ruptured and reversed, paroxysmal pain occurs.When the reproductive organs of the reproductive system are close to men, they will cause constipation and frequent urination and pain when they are oppressed by cysts. A small number of patients will have periodic hematuria.

If the diameter of chocolate cysts is less than 4 cm, there is no obvious dysmenorrhea, and there is no history of infertility, you should try to get pregnant first. During the pregnancy, you should go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound examination.As long as women are pregnant, they can increase the pregnancy hormone, inhibit the growth of the endometrium, and slowly shrink them.Take a cesarean section to give birth and remove the cyst by the way.

Kind tips

We must take preventive measures in life, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, adjust their emotions, so that the immune system is in normal state, keep warm in the body, avoid cold during menstruation.The number of times of curettage and miscarriage is forbidden to sex during menstruation.

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