What should I do when the pregnant mother encounters migraine?

Author: Peng Yingxian, Third People’s Hospital of Hubei Province

Migraphy is the most common primary headache. The clinical manifestation is the medium -weight headache of recurrent attacks. It mostly occurs on the side head, which is often fighting. It can be accompanied by autonomous nerve dysfunction such as nausea, vomiting, light, and fear.symptom.

Migraphy during pregnancy

Studies have found that at least about 25%of women with childbearing age have headaches, 80%to 90%of women will have headaches aggravated during pregnancy.More and more evidence proves the connection between headaches and vascular diseases during pregnancy.

1. Wabnitz A and Jarvis S and others found that the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications during pregnancy during pregnancy, including pregnancy hypertension, aura eclampsion, ischemic stroke, heart disease and venous thrombosis.In addition, severe migraine may be a risk factor for bad pregnancy ending.

2. SKAJAA N and other foreign studies have found that compared with women in non -migraine, the risk of migraine women with low birth weight baby has a high risk of giving birth, and there is a high abortion rate, premature birth rate, caesarean section rate, and the incidence of premature fetal peeling rates.EssenceTherefore, it is necessary to treat migraine during pregnancy in a timely manner.

Non -drug treatment

1. Adjust the way of life

During pregnancy, we should maintain adequate sleep, avoid hunger or full food, reduce the intake of caffeine, and exercise appropriately.Avoid alcohol, chocolate, and tyros -containing foods (mature cheese, pickled products, smoked products, fermented food, etc.), caffeine -containing diet (coffee, tea, etc.)Petal), foods containing nitrite and nitrate (pickled products, smoked products, kimchi, hair color agent, preservatives, etc.), citrus fruits, etc.Avoid the irritation of noise, strong light and special odor (especially gasoline, alcohol, paint and other irritating odors).

2. Cognitive behavior therapy

Patients who accept cognitive behavior therapy need to record daily headache diaries. The record content includes headache time, headache, drugs used, physical feelings and ideas during headache.Understand the behavior of the therapist through the headache diary to understand the patient’s psychological migraine and bad response behavior, help patients identify and correct negative ideas, teach patients with migraine and body medical knowledge related to migraine, establish a more regular sleep and dining timetable,Exercise more regularly and promote a healthy diet (for example, balanced diet, avoid excess caffeine and alcohol); encourage patients to actively seek social support, enhance patients’ ability to deal with stressEssenceLet patients learn negative emotions such as fear brought about by migraine, and correctly use acute -stage analgesic drugs to avoid drug abuse.An analysis of a gathered analysis found that this method can reduce the drug usage by 20%-25%.

3. Biological feedback

Heart rate and blood pressure, etc.), transformed into signals (such as visual or auditory signals) that can be felt, and then allow patients to conduct conscious "ideas" control and psychological training based on these signals, and learn to control their own functions.The most common biological feedback therapy for migraine is the leather temperature biological feedback method. The main method is to allow patients to lie in the treatment room where the quiet temperature is appropriate., Active nerve excitement, the skin temperature decreases, the instrument will feedback the animation form of the temperature change to the patient. The doctor teaches the patient to relax the self -neurotomy, control the excitement of the sympathetic nerve, increase the temperature of the skin, and reduce the migraine headacheDuration and strength.After this long training, patients can also control migraine attacks without the help of feedback instruments.

4. Relax training

Relaxing training can reduce the tension of the sympathetic nerve by relaxing the overall tension of the muscles (such as slow heart rate, reduced blood pressure, regulating breathing, etc.) to achieve physiological relaxation and spiritual calmness, which can reduce the body’s impact on the pressure reaction.The specific method is to choose a quiet place, lift the urine, lying comfortably or sitting comfortably.Focus on your physical feelings, abandon your thoughts, and take a slow deep breathing of natural rhythm, and then gradually perform the tension and relaxation exercises of the main muscles.The training process of each part of the muscle group is concentrated-muscle tension-keep tension-muscle relaxation (generally relaxation of limbs first, then relaxation of the chest and abdomen, and finally the relaxation of the head and neck muscle group).

medical treatement

Although non -drug therapy is always the first -line treatment during pregnancy, when the chiara headache is acute, it is not enough to control the seizure of migraine with non -drug treatment. At this time, drug treatment may be required.

Note: According to the 2022 American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) Clinical Practice Guide: During pregnancy and postpartum pain, the strong recommendation intensity: the benefits are significantly greater than the harm, and most patients should accept intervention.Recommended intensity conditions: Based on the characteristics of the patient, weigh the risks and income, choose whether to use it.

The treatment of migraine migraine during pregnancy is mainly to optimize lifestyle and non -drug therapy.

A good lifestyle can reduce migraine attacks during pregnancy.If you need to choose drug treatment, you should choose under the guidance of the physician and pharmacist. When using it, you should pay special attention to the drug to the drug and adverse reactions. Use a safe dose to reduce the degree of headache as much as possible, reduce the frequency of hair, etc.Increase hidden health hazards in all aspects of pregnant women and fetuses.

Review expert: An Wei, deputy director of the Hubei Province Third People’s Hospital

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