What should I pay attention to when I am a pregnant mother?Doctor: "Three sufficient two avoid four attention", which is good for fetal treasure health

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After letting go, most people in the crowd were infected, and pregnant women, as a special crowd, were also involved in the storm!

After all, the new crown virus is a new virus strain. We have never met by humans, so after letting go, the virus is easy to recruit everywhere!

Dr. Chunyu did a healthy guidance of different groups. Elderly people, pregnant women, children and adolescents!

There are really many matters to pay attention to pregnant mothers!

Three sufficient: maintain adequate nutrition, sufficient water, sufficient sleep

养 Keep sufficient nutrition

Pregnant mothers are the same as when they are not pregnant in the early pregnancy, but pregnant mothers have a bad appetite in the early pregnancy, and some don’t even want to eat.

However, after pregnancy, I still need to consume certain water and carbohydrates every day. It can be said that what you want to eat can be eaten, but you must eat it. If you do n’t eat, it will cause the urine ketone to increase and affect the development of the fetus.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the daily nutritional nutrition is increased than in the early stages of pregnancy. Whether it is protein, fat or calcium, iron, and zinc, these nutrients are more than when they are not pregnant.

Therefore, if we have a bad appetite, we must try to eat some easy -to -digest foods, such as steamed eggs, or some light foods such as steamed fish.

Eat more vegetables. Vegetables can provide vitamin C, which helps improve immunity to fight virus. Dietary fiber inside the vegetables can stimulate the motion of the mother’s intestinal tract and avoid constipation.

㈡Beple water

Because my mother is more water when she is pregnant than when she is not pregnant, and positive or after Yang Kang has throat discomfort or dry throat, it also needs a lot of water to promote the discharge of our toxins.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must drink a small amount of water during pregnancy. It is recommended that drinking water is boiled water, or some faint Luo Han fruit water, or mothers can soak some orange water to drink, or mothers can cook some Sydney TremellaSugar water, but sugar should be placed less, which can also moisturize.

However, if the pregnant mother has edema, the intake of moisture should be slightly controlled.

㈢ Past sleep

Pregnant mothers sleep well during pregnancy, and the fetus can grow and develop well, so we should pay more attention to rest after positive.

It is best to sleep for about 10 hours a day to allow our body to secrete more antibacterial proteins and promote our body recovery.

Therefore, do n’t be too hard after pregnancy, do n’t be too tired, and try to rest as much as possible.

Two avoidance: avoid being too excited and avoid excessive exercise

★ Avoid being too excited

When she is pregnant, because of the effect of hormones, her mood is relatively easy to excite. At this time, as a prospective father, she must share the mood of her mother. Especially at the time of positive, the mother’s emotions are excited, and the prospective father must soothe.

As a pregnant woman, she should also pay attention to controlling her emotions. She can listen to soothing music, or eat some foods she likes to eat to make emotions more stable.

★ Avoid excessive exercise

When pregnant, if the pregnant mother does not have a threatened abortion, the prefront placenta is not a twin or a triplet, it is recommended to exercise slightly.

However, after positive, we are weak. Moms can take a walk at most. It is not recommended to perform relatively severe exercises such as pregnant women, fitness or swimming.

4 Attention: Pay attention to fetal fetal heart, blood oxygen, blood pressure, pay attention to abdominal discomfort

① Pay attention to fetal movement heart

Some mothers rent a fetal heart in the hospital after pregnancy to measure the fetal heart, but they must learn how to measure the fetal heart under the guidance of the manufacturer or doctor, otherwise they may scare themselves.

If you are positive, you need to regularly measure the fetal heart every day to understand whether the fetus has hypoxia or other symptoms in it.

If there is no fetal heart, you must pay attention to several fetal movements. Generally, several fetal movements can be performed in the third trimester.

If it is positive, it can even be several several times a day. If the fetal movement increases before, or the fetal movement is not seen for a few hours, then go to the hospital in time.

② Pay attention to blood oxygen

Especially in the third trimester of mothers, the fetus is prone to hypoxia, and at this time, if the mother is positive, it is prone to decreased blood oxygen.

Therefore, the pregnant mother recommends that a blood oxygen instrument can be bought in the family. The normal value of the blood oxygen of the pregnant woman is 95%to 100%. If the blood oxygen is found to be less than 90, and the chest tightness, shortness of breath, and difficulty in breathing, then hurry up to go, go to go, then go to go quickly.Hospital.

③ Pay attention to blood pressure

Some pregnant mothers have a high blood pressure when they are pregnant, so after positive, pay attention to measure blood pressure twice a day. If the blood pressure is found to be high, and it is not relieved after rest, and physical discomfort occurs. ThenIt is recommended to go to the hospital.

④ Pay attention to abdominal discomfort

Although the main symptoms of the new crown are the symptoms of the upper respiratory tract, it may also attack other parts of our parts. If the mother has frequent uterine contraction during pregnancy, or stomach pain, vaginal bleeding, etc.Hospital.

Mom should pay more attention to more positive after pregnancy.

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