What strange things do you want to eat after pregnancy?

There is a hot comment on Zhihu, which is about what women like to eat after pregnancy. When you look at it, you have to laugh at the Sker!

See you this clear style of painting:

Not only do you want to eat all kinds of strange things, but also people love to hear all kinds of weird taste …

Okay, compared with them, I am really normal!

However, I still feel that I am pregnant this time, and my mouth becomes particularly tricky.

Many times, the back chest is obviously hungry, and there is nothing to eat, so I really don’t want to eat anything, and then the hungry nausea.

So in order to fill my stomach, I spend more than half of my energy every day.

I don’t know if I was pregnant. At first, I was particularly sour for a day or two. My husband took his son to the supermarket to buy me apricot and Digan.

When they came back, I was lying in the bedroom and came in empty -looking, and I thought they didn’t buy it.

When he heard him say "I bought it", I couldn’t understand, "Why don’t you get it for me and get it!"

Well, the mouth of my mouth makes me feel that the distance from the living room to the bedroom is cruel!

Finally eating it, I really feel like I live again.

Then the pregnancy test stick of the online shopping is here, and the test is two bars!

Thinking of the last time I found that I was pregnant, I suddenly wore hot and sour chicken crickets in the Huangshan Stinky Baoya Restaurant. At that time, we drove to the restaurant. My husband didn’t even stop the car. I wanted to rush into the restaurant to order.

Then I watched that dish, I ate two bowls of rice alone, and I felt happy.

The appetite is really pregnant, it is not fake at all!

After this diagnosis, under the action of hormones, my appetite gradually embarked on an increasingly crooked path …

I was impressed with my mouthful, and I especially wanted to eat hot steamed buns (my favorite when I was a kid), and I couldn’t bear it for a moment.

Fortunately, I bought these two on the Ding Dong buying platform, which can be delivered in half an hour.

In order to prevent my son from eating this kind of unhealthy food, I secretly hid in the kitchen for two times.

At this time, the appetite was irregular at all, and after eating big spicy slices.I started to eat porridge and pickled pickles, which is very light.

After Grandpa Xiaoshu came, he started making fish and meat every day.

The first week I ate the tastener, and with the fruits and nuts I chose myself, I couldn’t help but feel that if you eat it during the whole pregnancy, the mother and the child must be healthy and nutritious!

However, I only laughed for less than two weeks, and I couldn’t eat anymore.Even before pregnancy, I like to eat fish, at this time, I miss it at this time.

Later, lunch, Grandma Xiaoshu made a soup noodle with eggplant, tomatoes and green vegetables. I ate it and had two bowls of meals.

Later, I started to eat soybeans. I ate two takeaways yesterday afternoon for breakfast.

(Well, this is this kind of tofu brain that does not seem to have any appetite, I can really eat it clean)

Forget it, this is the food combination of the most flipped so far.

I do n’t want to eat the meals at home, but I ca n’t even smell the taste when cooking. Every time I have to let Grandma tree close the kitchen door, sometimes the taste is strong, so I hid in the bedroom and closed the door.

I couldn’t smell the smell of oil fume at home, so I started thinking about going out for food.

Once I went to the King of Burger with my friends, I ate a small yellow castle at a time, two small fries, two onion circles, and a pair of grilled wings. I was really happy to eat.

When you ca n’t go out, you start taking a takeaway home. For two days, I especially want to eat Hunan cuisine with rice and spicy rice.

I took the takeaway several times, and my heart began to worry about it, afraid of unhealthy and affecting the fetus … But when I opened our pregnant mother group, I saw everyone discussing what the takeaway was eating, and I couldn’t eat it in home.Want to open in seconds.

(-This here: we are all the same …)

During this period of appetite, you should temporarily throw nutrition and health, and first satisfy your appetite!

But the fact is that occasionally I want to eat a Chinese food. I usually eat it once. I won’t be panicked for a long time, so I will not eat junk food frequently, which is also a kind of self -comfort!

By the way, once I fell in love with eating crab yellow, I bought a box when I hoarded the goods. Once I took it for lunch, I ate three packs in a row ~

But after that momentum, I basically didn’t touch it recently.

Recently, I fell in love with drinking coffee and purchased caffeine -free coffee online. Now I drink a cup every morning. With sandwich, it is currently a stable recipe.

I went to camping during the May Day holiday. The neighbors bought the thick chicken intestine. I felt good after eating. I did n’t know what to eat the day before yesterday. I went to the supermarket to find the same.

Then there are fruits, which are the most eaten. At the beginning, it was the light tomato cucumber. The tomatoes ate the most. I bought a box online a while ago, almost all of them were eaten by me.

Recently, I have been fascinated by watermelon that can not be eaten.

There should also be ice cream that should be avoided. Unlike the previous, the ice cream I want to eat is specified that one, and other flavors are not considered at all.

Others, occasionally seeing a food, suddenly became desire. Some time ago, when I saw my mother eating fried jelly in my hometown, I came for an end.

When I really found a Henan restaurant nearby, I immediately asked the Dadu Dad to take me to pack a copy, but I cried just as soon as I tasted the first bite.

For this, her husband also went to the vegetable market yesterday to buy three raw jelly and come back to do it by himself.

Recently, the most full one is the fried cold skin and crispy pancakes (spicy strips).

At first, I saw my sister’s own fried cool skin at home, closed my appetite, and immediately took a takeaway.

The pancakes were bought for a single single. I didn’t expect it to be delicious. I just ate fried cold skin and used pancakes.

(Stir -fried Liangpi, the joy of carbohydrates 吖)

Well, this strange combination method will appear from time to time.

Today’s dinner at home is eggplant noodles. I just ate a small bowl of noodles in an apple.

Take a few mouthfuls of noodles and stop, and eat a piece of apple to press it to continue.


Well, I feel that I feel that I feel more comfortable in the stomach!

Then I hope my pregnancy is over earlier!Let me find the happiness of dried rice people earlier!


About the author: Ji Yalin, a freelance writer in the post -90s, full -time Baoma, during the second pregnancy, insisted on writing self -growth with writing.

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