What to do if pregnant women have a cold

Pregnant women are a very important stage when they are pregnant, so in order to ensure the health of their fetus, pay more attention to medication. If a cold, fever, and runny nose occur, you should pay attention to the method of medication and clearly distinguish the type of cold.For a certain treatment, what should I do if pregnant women have a cold?

Colds can be divided into two categories. One is a cold caused by bacteria, which is usually manifested as flowing nose, coughing yellow sputum, etc. Blood routine tests will find that the blood image is elevated; the other is a cold caused by the virus, which usually performsFor nasal congestion, flowing nose, full body weakness, and cough, the blood routine is not high.

The treatment of bacterial colds:

Antibiotics are effective for the cold of bacterial infection, but the cold for virus infection is not effective.So not all colds can be treated with antibiotics.

Antibiotics used in bacterial colds are preferred to choose gryimoin. Penicillin is a pregnancy -based pregnancy -based pregnancy -based pregnancy. Pregnant moms can use it with confidence.

Warm reminder: Specific mothers who are allergic to penicillin can use erythromycin drugs and medication.Pregnant moms should follow this principle: Do not get injections if you can take orally.Because frequent puncture operations increase the chance of infection, it will aggravate the condition and endanger the fetus.If it is not required by the condition, try to avoid intravenous injection.

Treatment of viral colds:

Viral colds are not yet effective, and commonly used antiviral drugs have certain risks to fetuses. In addition, virus infection is a self -limited process that can be restored to health after being gradually cleared by the body.Therefore, the cold of the virus infection should be dominated by rest and light diet. Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, avoid exposure to poor and bad fields, relieve fever and other symptoms.Essence

From the anti -viral cold, some details of life also need to be adjusted, such as maintaining sufficient sleep, attention to the ventilation of the room, and staying away from the source of the disease.

During pregnancy, due to the relatively low immune function, pregnant moms are high -risk groups of upper respiratory infections. The fever of pregnant moms will cause the temperature in the uterine cavity to increase the temperature.Dead tires and so on.In the middle and late pregnancy, the internal distress of the fetus will occur, and even causes the fetus in the palace.Therefore, when the pregnant mommy is attacked by a cold, it must be treated in time, understands the situation of themselves and the baby, and adopts a reasonable method to treat the disease and ensure that the mother and baby are safe!Disclaimer: This article combines the relevant video content of "October Care". If there is any infringement, please contact and delete it.

In order to enable pregnant women to better restore their health, they should usually pay attention to some of their own diet, and should perform more exercise to improve the body’s immunity, avoid cold and fever, seriously affect the health of the fetus, and also right to the health of the fetus.Its physical impact causes some damage.Therefore, you must distinguish the type of cold and take a certain treatment.

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