What to do if the ear pus and otitis media are flowing, 1 Chinese medicine and one medicinal material can be solved

What should I do if the ear pus and otitis media are flowing?

When the ear pus is sick, the ears are particularly itchy. I always want to take this cotton swab to pick it up. I also feel more irritable or dry and bitter.Flowing pus causes the tympanic membrane to perfuse, damaging the hearing.


Ear pus is a typical symptom of otitis media. It is the long -term pus in the ears. Some people will be fine after a while, but when they are anxious to get angry or stay up late, they will commit this otitis media.


His biggest reason is the liver and gallbladder.Then why the liver and gallbladder reacts to the ears, because this bile meridian walk around our ears, like a large question mark around our ears, connecting our temple, including the neck and this place, there is a question mark, so once the liver and gallbladder fire isGoing up, he will attack our ears.

Treatment misunderstanding:

This otitis media is not inflamed in the modern medicine, and it is faster to go to the hospital to hang the bottle.After being used with cephalosporin, metronidazole or tinidazole, soon, the ear did not jump pain, and then the pus stayed for a few days.But where is its disadvantage.The disadvantage is that it is easy to offend, not to go to the root.

Therefore, the general acute otitis media is good. It is good to use some medicine infusion point liquid, but at chronic otitis media, this level of ear often flows pus, and sometimes it is not good to cancel inflammatory drugs.Even if you use the advanced cephalosporin, it slowly forms resistance.And repeating this antibiotics will also hurt our yang.

So, this is not a solution to the root.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Law:

One is oral Chinese medicine, and the other is external application. The important thing is that these two are cooperating with one.

Oral medication:

Xiao Chaihu Granules, Carshage Liver Pills

If we have only dry mouth, without the symptoms of dry stool, then we can use Xiao Buplee granules. Generally, we eat two bags at a time and eat three times a day.

If the stool is dry, the mouth is dry, the tongue is more red, and the tongue coating is yellow and greasy, then you must use this Dragon Dragon Ligue Pill

Ah, we can use Xiao Chaihu granules to see no matter what you use, and then, if it is not used, it is also possible to use the dragon and Xiexia liver pill.

So for external use, we can adopt what is the way Huanglian Fan urges his son.

external use:

Coptis chinensis and blow into their ears

Because Huanglian is one of the four big medicines and can defeat the fire, if your liver fire is particularly strong, you can beat Huanglian into powder into your ears, and you can lose this fire.

In addition, this Huanglian powder is very wet, which is particularly tide with our house. It is a reason for us to make a lime in the house.So when this Coptis Fan is blown into his ears, he will absorb the moisture in his ears.

There is a detail that you need to pay attention.Just before blowing your ears, take this pair of oxygen dipping with a cotton swab to disinfect him in his ears.Then, we wipe it again with physiological saline, and clean the pus with it.In the end, we took the straw drinking milk, a slightly thicker straw, and put on the tip of the slope in front of the bottle in the bottle in the bottle of the Coptis powder.In your ears, try to go deeper and blow. This powder is permeated on the inner wall of the ears, which can be damp and sterilized, detoxifying.

Therefore, the combination of internal and external methods to treat this otitis media to treat the pus in the ear is still very good. If you have symptoms in this area, or the symptoms of relatives and friends, we can try it.

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