What to do if you find pregnancy and what are the precautions for early pregnancy

When Mom Bao found that she was pregnant, that kind of mood must be happy, but the mood of Bao Ma at this time was very complicated, and she would be blank in joy.The strangeness brought by the character’s conversion makes it inexplicable.At this time, most pregnant mothers will go to the computer to look for power to enable themselves to spend the entire pregnancy and healthy babies scientifically and standardized.Today we will talk about the precautions for early pregnancy.

Generally, when the pregnant mother finds that she is pregnant, it is already one month and two months pregnant. This period is the time for the baby to take root and stable.

When you find that you are pregnant, remember not to stop, and continue to take it, because the folic acid should be taken three months after pregnancy to stop according to the principle of pregnancy, so as to effectively prevent fetal malformations.

When most pregnant mothers discover pregnancy, the early pregnancy reaction during pregnancy also follows. During this period, symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, sour food or greasy, nausea, morning vomiting will be accompanied by the pregnant mother., Also torture pregnant mothers, especially some pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy reactions are even more painful.

Pregnancy vomiting is mainly related to the hormone in the pregnant mother’s body. It is a means of self -protection of the body and an instinct. It generally disappears after 12 weeks of pregnancy and slowly disappears after 12 weeks of pregnancy.The severity of pregnancy varies from person to person, some response, some response.Because pregnancy vomiting is a normal body reaction, it is generally not necessary to treat. If the symptoms of pregnancy are unbearable, you need to go to the hospital for symptomatic treatment to relieve the symptoms of discomfort of the pregnant mother.

The pregnant mother needs to go to the hospital to determine the pregnancy week after determining the pregnancy. During the 12 weeks of pregnancy, they must go to the hospital in the area under the jurisdiction to establish the "Mother and Child Health Manual" and conduct the first prenatal examination.Screening and evaluation, the implementation of the "five -color" graded management of maternal mothers, followed by special personnel to follow up to ensure the health and safety of pregnant mothers and babies.

In addition, the first deformed screening should be performed in the early pregnancy, that is, the color Doppler NT screening, mainly to measure the thickness of the baby’s neck transparent layer to determine whether the baby has a variant screening method.In the abnormal, doctors will recommend further examination to eliminate whether the baby is suffering from malformations.

Due to the characteristics of the baby’s development, NT screening can generally screen for screening from 11-13 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy. After missed, it is impossible to make up. Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their gestational week.The hospital does NT screening.

In addition to the above matters, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to maintaining a healthy mentality, regular life, balanced nutrition, and appropriate amount of exercise helping the baby’s healthy development.

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