What to do with a permit?6 major documents must be processed as soon as possible after birth

Periodic permits need to be processed before the birth of pregnant women, with a lot of uses, mainly because they should use maternity medical expenses to record and settlement when they are discharged.It is free to handle maternity registration business!

Approval: directly handle online (but you have to go offline to seal after printing), so if you have time, I still recommend that everyone go to the scene directly!

House registration in Hebei Province or husband and wife living in Hebei Province can be handled online through the "Hebei Family Planning Online Work Hall" and "Pregnancy Health-Family Family Planning Hebei APP".

Offline place: Township, villages, community convenience service halls or counties (cities, districts) maternal and child health care institutions where the husband and wife are located or the place of residence are located.

1. Materials required online

One of the identity cards, marriage certificates, commitments, and couples on both parties.

“Divorce during pregnancy, how to apply for”, or if you are pregnant after a widow, you can also apply for a standard certificate. You need to provide your ID card, a divorce certificate and a divorce agreement (a divorce decision or mediation letter) or a certificate of death, pregnancyA photo of the provenance, commitment letter, and my little two -inch photo.

Second, offline convenience service hall handles the required materials

You can contact the person in charge of the residential or residential area property/community.The government is handled on the 3rd floor.

Materials: 1 photo card, hukou book, marriage certificate, red -bottom small two -inch photo.Working time on working days and not working on weekends.

The advantage of the on -site processing is fast. You do n’t have to print the information by yourself.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you apply for a standard certificate and household registration. Even if both parties are from other places, they can be handled in the place of residence. This permit is relatively easy to apply.

3. After the child is born, parents remember to apply for the following 5 documents as soon as possible:

1. Apply for a medical certificate at the hospital service desk (give the baby a good name in advance, the name on the birth certificate cannot be changed);

2. Vaccine vaccination certificate (hospital nurses will give you, green, will be used in the future vaccine and kindergartens);

3. Household registration book (within one month after the baby is born, go to the parent’s household registration police station to handle)

4. ID card (within one month of birth, go to the police station to handle)

5. Social insurance card (After the children’s medical insurance is paid, the child can go to the hospital to reimburse with the card)

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