What to do with stretch marks for pregnancy?Introduction to effective repair method of stretch marks


About 60%-70%of pregnant women will have stretch marks, especially women with a family history of stretch marks, and women with a history of breast or thighs, are more likely to grow stretch marks.From the perspective of tissue, stretch marks are an abnormal scar.After the increasing uterus in the middle of pregnancy, the skin elastic fiber and abdominal muscles are gradually stretched. When it exceeds a certain limit, the skin elastic fiber breaks down and hormone changes hinder their own repair.The irregular vertical cracks of purple and red, finally turned white, this is stretch marks.Although stretch marks do not affect skin health, it affects the aesthetics and has a great impact on women’s psychology.

What to do with stretch marks for pregnancy?Proper prevention can reduce the occurrence of stretch marks

Once the stretch marks appear, it cannot be completely removed. The best way to deal with stretch marks is to prevent it.Generally speaking, from about 4 months of pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to stretch marks for prevention.To exercise reasonably, insist on bathing with warm water, and pay attention to nutritional balance to enhance the elasticity of the skin.At the same time, proper massage of the skin can also increase the elasticity of the skin and muscles. It is better to use it in combination with Shi Demei, which can reduce the incidence of stretch marks to 18.2%.

Effective repair method of postpartum stretch marks

Although there is no way to completely remove stretch marks, through appropriate treatment, the appearance of accumulated skin can be improved, especially stretch marks or purple -red. In the early days, it is a better treatment period.Common methods include: external drugs, laser therapy and other treatment.The penetration effect of topical drugs is weak, the level of effect is relatively light, and the repair ability is limited; laser treatment will improve, but it needs to be maintained. For example, 585nm pulse dye laser can improve red patterns, 308nm standard laser can improve white patterns; in additionYou can choose good safety gels, such as the beauty, and it can be obviously improved by clinical trials that 80%of patients can be significantly improved. They can be used separately or combined with laser treatment.

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