What would happen if you were pregnant?How to raise pregnancy and how to correctly judge whether you are pregnant

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In general, there will be no adverse reactions.Most women have not observed obvious signs of pregnancy after a week or two weeks.In fact, many symptoms remind women of pregnancy age.So what are the signs of pregnancy?What should I do if I have signs of pregnancy?Does endocrine increase show pregnancy?

There is no special change in a month of pregnancy, and the weight will not increase too much, but the basic body temperature will be higher than usual.After 6 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers will have obvious symptoms, such as breast pain, endocrine increases, in addition to nausea, low mood and other symptoms, as well as frequent urination.In addition, the days of the above symptoms can also be used to measure the expected period of the child.

For young mothers who are new to pregnancy, is it a bit overwhelmed, and I do n’t know what to eat or not. In fact, for pregnancy, do not eat greasy, hot or light food.Trace elements and vitamins related to liver function must be added.Eat less food, eat more protein -rich foods, and eat some soft and delicious foods.

Do not need to pay attention to the following:

1. Be sure to pay attention to personal hygiene.When a girl is pregnant, it will increase the vaginal discharge and be vulnerable to bacterial infection outside.It’s cleaner than usual: often washing, washing, changing clothes.

2. Pay attention to the appropriate amount of work and exercise, but the strength should not be too large.Avoid strong exercise, but also pay attention to strain.

3. Pay attention to the necessary nutrition.Food must be diversified, and foods that are easy to digest and absorb.

4. Pay attention to the choice of clothing. 1. The clothes should be soft and wide. Do not wear tight pants on your waist to avoid wearing high heels.Check it once a month, 7 months pregnant; once every half a month, it lasts 8-9 months; checking in October one month per week.If special circumstances, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.

6. After four months of pregnancy, wipe the chest and chest evenly with warm water and soap.Watering your skin every day will make your breast skin firmer.After washing, gently squeeze the chest with your fingers to make the chest protruding.Gently pull out the breast cavity with your hand or milk.

7. Regular B -ultrasound examination: So how to do B -ultrasound during pregnancy is appropriate?The answer to this question is not absolute and certain. It is necessary to depend on the specific situation of pregnant women. Generally, at least 3 B -ultrasound check .8, pay attention to restricting life.3 months and 3 months before pregnancy must be avoided.To prevent abortion caused by abortion or premature birth.Sexual life must also be mild during pregnancy.Women’s emotions in pregnancy will directly affect the fetus system of the fetus through endocrine physiology, especially in the last two months of pregnancy.Affected and adjusted by warm and harmonious family atmosphere, sufficient rest, sleep and healthy cultural entertainment.

So how do you judge that you are really pregnant?If you have the following symptoms, prove that you are happy.

Pregnancy signal 1. Discontinuation 2. Mental fatigue 3. Basic body temperature rises 4. Breast -darker breast pain 5. Pregnancy vomiting 6. Increase endocrine increase 7. Constitution 9. Early pregnancy paper show positive

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