When a man is 50 years old, what is the fertility?3 pregnancy preparation skills to be collected

Not long ago, there was another good news from the entertainment industry. Li Yapeng, 51, remarried as a dad. From the perspective of ordinary people, this kind of "getting old" is really a great event. At the age of others, he is again.Dad, how did you do it?Is men’s fertility really not affected by age?

In fact, there are really a lot of celebrities like Li Yapeng, such as Zhang Jizhong, Wang Gang, Luo Dayou, Tengger, which we are familiar with … Now, with the release of the second child and three -child policy, more and more families areThere is a plan to prepare for pregnancy, but at this time, many men are 40 or 50 years old. Can they succeed if they prepare for pregnancy?

In fact, in terms of fertility, men have a great advantage over women. After all, the number of eggs in women in this life is limited, and they will also face the trouble of premature ovarian failure.Men are different. Xiao Yan is constantly generated. Although quality will decrease with age, it cannot be said to lose fertility.

Everyone can also understand that the fertility capacity of men over 50 years old is mainly related to the quality of the small tadpoles. If there are not much problems in vitality, malformation rates, quantity, and liquefaction time, you can prepare for normal pregnancy.Of course, there must be certain we cannot deny that the older the age, the decrease in fertility.

Next, Xiaobian will teach you a few tricks for older men, hoping to help you.

1. Try not to make a blessing

Many men are forty or fifty years old. Due to various factors such as entertainment and sports, they have begun to make blessings. Beer belly appears, and the weight is exceeding the standard.As everyone knows, men’s obesity will affect fertility, resulting in lower male hormone secretion in the body, and affecting the quality of small tadpoles.Therefore, everyone must actively exercise and a reasonable diet, and strive to control their weight in the standard range during pregnancy, so that the quality of the small tadpoles can also be greatly improved.

2. Do a comprehensive physical examination

Although men still have fertility after the age of 50, they also have risks.With the growth of men, there are more and more DNA fragments in the small tadpoles, and the probability of abnormal genes in chromosomes also increases, so it will increase the defects of newborn and the probability of abortion after pregnancy.Therefore, it is recommended that elderly men go to the hospital to do a comprehensive medical examination before preparing for pregnancy to let the doctor evaluate your fertility. If there is no problem with Xiao Yan, then rest assured to prepare for pregnancy.

3. Correct bad living habits

If there are some bad habits in life, such as smoking, drinking, sedentary, irregular diet, staying up late, etc., then it is necessary to correct it in time in time before preparing for pregnancy, otherwise it will cause the quality of the small tadpoles to become lower and affect the impact of the quality of the tadpoles, which will affect the quality and affect the impact.To fertility, so for your future generations, you must be strict with yourself and develop a healthy lifestyle.

In the end, Xiaobian also wants to remind everyone that although men can still have childbirth at the age of 50, it is recommended that everyone get the baby as soon as possible. After all, in addition to considering personal health factors over 50 years old, they also face the problem of raising offspring.There must be planning for pregnancy.

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