When does pregnant women start to show their arms?If you become a "big belly woman" prematurely, it may be these reasons

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Colleagues Xiao Li, 5 months pregnant, can’t see it without looking at it.Everyone envious of her good figure, but Xiao Li said, "You don’t understand my difficulties."

Why do you say that?She talked about her embarrassing experience. She had a car with her lover, and she was a bit crowded on the way. The lover said that it was troublesome to give a seat. There was a pregnant woman!

A passenger next to him was very surprised and said, "I’m pregnant? I can’t see it at all", but I still have good intentions to make a seat.

In life, some expectant mothers of the same age have been raised early, while others are "flat in response", with different degrees of unevenness.

In the first two months of pregnancy, the fetal development was relatively slow, and even some careless pregnant mothers did not find that they were pregnant and would not show up prematurely.When entering April and May of pregnancy, the fetus began to accelerate.

1) Pregnant mother’s body shape

The size of the pregnant mother’s belly has a lot to do with her body shape.If you are thin and short, your belly will definitely be large.

On the contrary, if the pregnant mother is high, the upper body is long, and the belly is more space to accommodate the baby’s baby, then even if it is a large month, it will not be too "blessed".

2) The physique of pregnant mothers

If you are active before pregnancy, the body fat content is low, and the diet after pregnancy is also very restrained. Some of these pregnant mothers are about to give birth until they are about to give birth. Others think they are just pregnant.

If the body fat content is high, it is still fattened if you eat more.

Therefore, many stars are still good after pregnancy, and it is inseparable from her daily conditioning.

3) The first maternal is still a maternal

The first mother is the first woman who is pregnant. The muscles on the belly have not been stretched and tight.And if you are a second child or a pregnant mother who has a third child, there are production managers, and the muscles on the stomach are relaxed, and it is easy to get bigger again.

4) Number of fetuses

This is well understood. If you have multiple or twins, your stomach must be greater than a single child, and you must pay more attention to safety.

5) Placenta position

There are two positions in the placenta. The pregnant mother on the anterior wall of the uterus shows up early, and the pregnant mother on the back wall of the uterine is late.

6) The size of the pose

The size of the pelvis also has a great impact on whether it is arms.During the stimulation of hormones during pregnancy, the ligaments between the pelvis of pregnant mothers will become relaxed to facilitate the delivery.

Everyone’s pelvis size is different, and the wide pelvis naturally feels larger, and the narrower pelvis will feel smaller.

Generally speaking, the time when the first maternal starts to show is roughly between 12 and 18 weeks, and the time of the maternity will have earlier, ranging from 6 to 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Small pregnancy belly does not mean that the fetus has problems with the development of the fetus. Large pregnant belly does not mean that the child is white and fat.

So, how old is normal?You need to refer to these two values: the height of the uterine bottom and the abdomen.

::✔ ✔ reference value:

From 16 to 36 weeks of pregnancy, the average of the palace height increased by an average of 0.9 cm per week; at 36 to 40 weeks of pregnancy, it increased by 0.4 cm per week; after 40 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal head was entered into the basin, and the palace high would decline.

Speaking of a simple calculation formula, the harem height of the 20 weeks of pregnancy is almost equivalent to the number of pregnancy weeks.

值 值 ✔ ✔ Reference value:

The average abdominal circumference of 16 weeks of pregnancy is 10.32 士 1.92.The average increase of the abdomen is 0.8 cm per week.

Pregnant women are not very "prominent", and they should also attract attention

The two values mentioned above are reference values, and the specific situation is individual differences.Prematurely, inconvenient, but can get more care.If you look too late, the frequent urination can be less and will suffer less.

However, Xianhuai should also cause vigilance. It should be considered whether the fetal development is slow or congenital disease. Go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

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The question of whether it is apparent is affected by various factors, pregnant mothers must do a good job of birth and timely understanding the fetal condition.

If the inspection is normal, you don’t have to be tangled in this matter too much and maintain a good mood to ensure the health and peace of the baby.

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