When husband and wife live, why is there a "burning sensation" in private parts?The doctor gives the answer

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On a very pleasant weekend, when the couple decided to enjoy a day’s tranquility and intimacy at home, the wife suddenly felt that the lower body had a strange burning feeling.

She was very confused and disturbed, and she didn’t know what was going on.The husband saw the discomfort of his wife, and he immediately walked to his wife. Is there anything uncomfortable?

The wife nodded gently and told her husband that she felt a burning sensation in her lower body.

In the hospital, his wife received a series of examinations and consultations.The doctor told them that his wife might have a disease called vaginitis.

This disease can cause inflammation of private parts, causing burning and discomfort.The doctor prescribed some drugs to his wife and told her to keep her private parts clean and dry.

He also suggested that the couple use lubricants in sex to reduce friction and discomfort.

From that day, they followed the doctor’s advice and went to the hospital to return to the hospital regularly to maintain good hygiene habits.

In sexual life, pay more attention to the wife’s feelings, and in life, it is necessary to protect the reproductive organs of women.

Women’s reproductive organs are an important part of the female reproductive system. Their functions are descendants of breeding and fertility.Female reproductive organs include external genitals and internal genitals.

First of all, let’s take a look at women’s external genitals.The external genitalia includes clitoris, labia, vaginal and urethra.

The clitoris is an important part of women’s sexual pleasure. It is located above the genitals and is a highly sensitive tissue.

The labia is an important part of female vulva, consisting of large vulva labia and inner labia.

The vulvar labia majora is two large skin folds, located on the inside. They have rich blood vessels and nerve endings, which plays a role in protecting the vagina and urethral opening.

The inner labia is composed of two very small skin folds. It is located on the inner side of the large vulva labia, and is covered with very soft mucosa tissue, which can protect women well.

The vagina is part of the women’s reproductive system and a channel connecting the uterus and the outside world.It plays an important role in sexual intercourse and fertility.

The vagina has telescope and can adapt to different sexual intercourse methods and fertility needs.Its wall is covered with mucous membranes, which has the functions of secreting liquid and self -lubrication to promote the smooth progress of sexual intercourse.

The urethral opening is located above the vaginal opening and is the exit of women’s urination.It is responsible for draining urine from the bladder.

The tissue around the urethral opening is also sensitive, and it may cause pleasure when sexual stimulation.

The shape and size of the labia and vagina vary from individual differences. The vulva structure of each woman is unique.

The appearance and size of the normal laburra and vagina are different due to age, genetic factors, fertility experience, hormonal levels, etc. This is normal physiological change.

Internal genitals include uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.The uterus is a muscle organs located in the pelvic cavity.

The endometrium is a layer of tissue of the inner wall of the uterine. It will increase and fall off during the menstrual cycle, providing an ideal bed environment for fertilized eggs.

The fallopian tube is a pipe connecting the ovary and uterine. It is a channel for the ovarian to enter the uterus from the ovary.Ovarian is the main reproductive organ of women. Its main role is to be responsible for producing eggs and estrogen.

The function of female reproductive organs is to achieve conception and fertility offspring during reproductive cycle.In the menstrual cycle, the ovaries will release a mature egg, which is called ovulation.

If the egg is fertilized in the fallopian tube, it will continue to move to the uterus. If the fertilized eggs successfully implant on the endometrium, women will be pregnant.

If the eggs are not fertilized, the endometrium will fall off and form menstruation, and women will experience the menstrual cycle.

In addition to reproductive functions, female reproductive organs have other important functions.

The secretions of the vagina and cervix can help keep the vagina moist and clean and prevent infection.There is a layer of mucus in the vagina and cervix, which can play a lubricating role when sexual intercourse.

Reduce friction and discomfort.There is also a layer of mucus in the vagina and cervix, which can play a lubricating role when sexual intercourse, reducing friction and discomfort.

In addition, female reproductive organs are closely related to sexual desire, sexual pleasure, and sexual satisfaction, but why do women’s lower body sometimes feel burning?

There may be many reasons for the "burning sensation" in women’s private parts.First, it may be caused by infection.

Common causes of female private infections include bacterial infections, fungal infections, and virus infections.Common symptoms of bacterial infections include burning sensation, itching and odor.

Bacterial infection: Bacterial infection is one of the common causes of women’s private parts.Such infections include bacterial vaginitis and urethral infections, and their symptoms may cause discomfort and inconvenience.

Bacterial vaginitis is infection caused by bacterial disorders in the vagina.Common pathogenic bacteria include sprouts and bacteriococcus.Patients may have the following symptoms:

Itching or burning sensation: Stimulation and inflammation caused by infection may cause itching, burning or tingling sensation in the vaginal region.

Smell or evil odor: Bacterial infection may cause changes in vaginal discharge, producing stench or odor.

Change of vaginal secretions: Infection may cause changes in the color, texture or quantity of vaginal secretions.The secretion may become yellow, gray -white or accompanied by foam.

Fungal infection: fungal infection is usually caused by Candida, the most common of which is Candida vaginitis.

This infection may cause discomfort and symptoms of women’s private parts.Common symptoms are mainly the following.

Vaginal itching or burning sensation: inflammatory stimulation caused by infection may cause itching or burning sensation in the vaginal area.This discomfort may cause inconvenience and discomfort to patients.

Change of vaginal discharge: Candida vaginitis is often accompanied by changes in vaginal secretions.The secretions are usually white and may appear in a block.

This secretion is different from normal vaginal secretions, which may increase its amount and change its texture.

Donestion or pain during sexual intercourse: Candida vaginitis may lead to discomfort or pain in sexual intercourse.

Inflammation and sensitivity of vagina may cause discomfort during sexual intercourse and may cause pain.

Redness and inflammation around the vaginal mouth: Candida infection may cause redness and inflammation around the vaginal opening.This is due to inflammation reactions and tissue stimuli.

Polymidth virus infection is a common virus infection that can cause genital herpes.The virus is mainly transmitted through sexual contact.

Pain, tingling, or burning sensation in the genital area: inflammation and nerve stimulation caused by infection may cause pain, tingling or burning sensation in the genital area.

This discomfort may last for a period of time and exacerbate during the attack.

Eye or vagina ulcers or herpes: Genital herpes are usually accompanied by ulcers or herpes in vulva or vaginal regions.

These ulcers or herpes may be pain, itching or burning, and may appear in the form of cluster or single lesions.

The change of vaginal secretions, genital herpes may cause changes in vaginal secretions.

Secondly, it may be caused by allergic reactions.Women’s private parts may have allergic reactions to certain substances, resulting in burning sensation.

Common allergens include detergents, sanitary napkins, condoms, drugs, etc.If a burning sensation occurs, you can consider whether it is related to these substances.

In addition, it may be caused by dryness.The skin of women’s private parts is more sensitive. If it lacks enough lubrication, the skin in the private parts may become dry and cause a burning sensation.

The cause of dryness may be endocrine disorders, hormonal changes, detergent residues, etc.

In addition, it may also be caused by stimulation.

Women’s private parts are easily stimulated, such as friction, excessive sexual behavior, and excessive use of sanitary napkins, etc., can cause burning sensation.

Excessive cleaning private parts may also lead to burning sensation, because excessive cleaning will destroy the self -cleaning ability of the private parts, leading to infection and inflammation in private parts. Below is some ways to relieve burning sensation. Take a look.

The burning sensation of women’s private parts is a common symptom of discomfort, which may bring a lot of trouble and discomfort to women.

This symptom is usually manifested as the burning, itching and redness of the private parts, which may affect the daily life and sexual life of women.

So how should we alleviate this burning sensation?

First, keep the private parts clean and dry.Frequent cleaning private parts is very important, but pay attention to the use of mild cleaner to avoid using a lotion containing irritating ingredients.

After washing, dry it with a clean towel to avoid excessive friction.

In addition, avoid wearing underwear that is too tight or synthetic, choose a cotton underwear with good breathability to keep the private parts dry.

Second, avoid using irritating skin care products or cosmetics.The skin in the private parts is more sensitive and easily stimulated by the outside world.

Therefore, when choosing skin care products or cosmetics, we must choose a mild and irritating product to avoid using products containing irritating ingredients such as flavors and alcohol.

If the irritating product causes the burning sensation of the private parts, it should be stopped immediately and seek medical treatment in time.

In addition, avoid excessive cleaning private parts.In order to pursue cleaning, some women may over -clean their private parts, use too much cleaning agent or frequent cleaning.

Excessive cleaning will destroy the own balance of the private parts, leading to more sensitive and susceptible infection in private parts.Therefore, we should avoid excessive cleaning private parts and maintain moderate cleaning.

Pay attention to diet and lifestyle.In terms of diet, avoid the intake of irritating foods such as spicy food, coffee, alcohol, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and maintain your health.

In terms of living habits, we must avoid bad habits such as sedentary and tight pants, maintain moderate exercise and rest, and promote blood circulation in private parts.

Finally, if the burning sensation of the private parts continues or worsen, you should seek medical treatment in time.Because the burning sensation of private parts may be caused by multiple reasons, such as infection, allergies, hormone disorders, etc.

Only through the diagnosis of doctors can we find accurate reasons and take corresponding treatment measures.

Female sexual life is a diverse and complex theme, which involves personal body, psychology, and emotion.

Each woman has her own unique sexual needs and preferences, as well as expectations and challenges related to sex.

Respecting and focusing on the importance of women’s sexual life is the key to building an equal and healthy relationship.

In the process of exploring women’s sexual life, opening and honest communication are essential.Sharing of your desire, boundaries and preferences with your partner can enhance the understanding and consensus of both parties.

At the same time, women should also learn to pay attention to their physical and needs and actively pursue their sexual satisfaction.

Pay attention to sexual health is also the key to women’s sexual life.Periodic examinations and consulting professional doctors can ensure physical health and avoid potential sexual health problems.

At the same time, measures to correctly use contraception and preventive transmission of infection diseases are also an important means to protect themselves.

Most importantly, women should be centered on their needs and happiness.

Whether it is exploring their bodies, trying new sexual experience, or establishing intimate emotional connections with partners, women have the right to choose their own sexual lifestyle.

Paying attention to your inner voice and respecting your own feelings are the key to realizing sexual satisfaction and happiness.

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