When I was pregnant, I was always sleepy, is this related to the gender of the child?What is the reason for drowsiness

Although the scientific basis is now, the response of a boy and a girl and mother itself cannot be felt, but some mothers who have been pregnant with two children feel that there are different responses to having boys and girls.

Some people say that the noisy boy is the boy, and the girl is more well -behaved; some people say that the sour girls; there are some pregnant mothers who feel that the girl and the girl, her own energy is different, saying that the girl is more well -behaved, the mother is pregnantWhen girls, they will become lazy, and the boy will be energetic.

Is there a relationship between sleeping and lazy during pregnancy?Why do mothers become so lethargic after pregnancy?

1. Why is I drowned during pregnancy?

First of all, we all know that mothers should deal with various reactions and the nutritional consumption of the body themselves during pregnancy, so it is easy to be very tired. This is a normal phenomenon.And it is said that the body shows a performance that needs to be rest. Moms during pregnancy need to provide a lot of energy to the fetus during pregnancy. A good rest is the key to ensuring the healthy development of the fetus.

And even if I do n’t say anything else, let ’s say that the child is big one day and one day. In the stomach, there are a few pounds of things.Maybe don’t feel tired?

Therefore, on the one hand, on the one hand, it is to ensure the development of the fetus and automatically adjust the body to ensure sufficient oxygen to the fetus and reduce the stimulation of the fetus. On the other hand, it is also very hard to mothers during pregnancy.

2. Is drowsiness related to boys and women?

In fact, we often say that there are different reactions for boys and women, but the personal feelings of all mothers, that is, the experience of experience we often say in our daily life, and there is no scientific basis.

Even if the boy is so noisy, there are many boys who are shy now. The girl is like a fake boy, so it is very unreasonable to say that this statement is very unreasonable.Moms, don’t judge whether it is a boy or a girl based on your own feelings, or listening to the "experience" of others.

And even if it is experience, the mother who gave birth to one child and the second child, the physical condition of her own body is different, and the pregnancy is different from their own mentality and external factors.It is not very related to the gender of the fetus.

Even if it is, for example, if the child loves or not, it is just the child’s original personality problem, but the character and gender are completely different.

3. I feel sleepy, what should mothers do?

The drowsiness itself is normal, especially for the more hard pregnancy mothers, on the one hand, sleeping can store enough energy for mothers to ensure the development of children. On the other hand, there is nothing bad for pregnant women., Adjust your body.

But if you feel wrong when you sleep, then it is recommended that you can promote sleep by doing some simple exercise, or drink milk before going to bed to ensure the quality of sleep and sleep. If you sleep enoughSleep.

In addition, mothers must pay attention to nutritional intake and control of weight during pregnancy, which not only ensure the development of the fetus, control the weight, and do not increase too much.

Usually eat more vegetables and fruits, and relax. If there is an excessive abnormal phenomenon, you can come to a doctor according to your actual needs.

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