When is the best time to measure early pregnancy?What do you need to pay attention to?

When you are still intoxicated with the pleasure of "Double Eleven", when you look forward to the arrival of the courier, you find that the "relatives" you should have come to be delayed?Intersection

An idea blooms in my mind like a firework: "Is it … pregnant?"

At this time, the early pregnancy test strip (HCG test paper) must be used in handy. Whether the younger sisters will find that HCG looks a bit familiar and not so familiar, but it will be in the days of your pregnancy and early pregnancy.Always accompany you to witness the advent of "lucky pregnancy".

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a glycoprotein hormone secreted by the placental nourishing layer of nourishing layer, which is composed of alpha and β sub -units.Mainly stimulating luteum transforms from menstrual luteal to pregnancy luteal, while promoting continuous secretion of estrogen and lutein, maintaining endometrial form, promoting the formation of uterine moltage, making placenta grow and mature, and play a vital role in maintaining pregnancy.

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The key point is!

When is the most accurate test?

The secretion of HCG in early pregnancy increased rapidly, reaching its peak at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, and the HCG gradually decreased after about 10 days, until it reached a relatively stable until about 20 weeks.No placenta residues after delivery, disappearing within 2 weeks after delivery.

Therefore, after 8-10 days in the same room or after menstruation, early pregnancy testing is more accurate.If there is no contraception during ovulation and no contraceptive measures, you can choose to take urine HCG test 7-10 days after ovulation.

When the fertilized eggs of normal pregnancy are in bed, on the 6th day after fertilization, the fertilized egg nourishing layer begins, and the HCG level in the body will increase significantly. At this time, the urine HCG examination can be more accurately detected whether pregnancy is more accurate.

You can also choose to go directly to the hospital for a blood HCG examination. The blood HCG testing the pregnancy time can be detected one or two days after menopause.

If the urine HCG is positive, does it mean pregnancy?

Do you need to do blood HCG?

Urine HCG VS blood HCG, who is better?

(1) Urine HCG: qualitative testing, more influencing factors.It is best to leave the middle urine of the first urine in the morning for testing. Before the test, try not to drink water, so as not to dilute the urine dilution to cause false negative results to the urine HCG.After the urine is selected, the test is performed immediately. At the same time, the container that is required to be placed in the urine must be cleaned.

(2) Blood HCG: Quantitative testing. Through continuous monitoring HCG, it can be distinguished from non -specific elevation of pituitary lesions, ectopic pregnancy and early abortion.Therefore, blood HCG is more accurate than the qualitative testing of urine HCG.

It is recommended to determine the urine HCG (such as the early pregnancy test strip), and should also go to the hospital to do the blood HCG and B -ultrasound examination as soon as possible to diagnose the diagnosis.

In addition to determining whether you are pregnant, HCG can also remind us:

1. Diagnose aura abortions or ectopic pregnancy.

2. Tire, hydatidal, and chorionic cancer can increase significantly.

3. Men’s testicular teratoma and ectopic HCG have increased cancer.

4. Increased abortion, nourishing cell disease monitoring and efficacy observation.

5. HCG is an important test for diagnosis and follow -up.

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