When taking a photo of the family, he subconsciously carried …

They often only show people with "mosaic", and they cannot appear in front of the public. When everyone really sees their face, it means that they may leave people …

They are the policemen of the Dehong Border Management Detachment of the Yunnan Entry -Exit Border Inspection Terminal stationed in the China -Myanmar border. Facing the complex and changeable toxic situation in the new period, they cast shields with their body to maximize the infiltration of overseas drugs and the internal flow and the internal flow and the internal flow andDomestic vulnerable chemicals are smuggled out of the country.

On the occasion of the 36th International Anti -Drug Day, the reporter of the "Rule of Law Daily" entered the Law Enforcement Survey Team of the Dehong Border Management Detachment to visit the "mosaic life" on the anti -drug front.

Hide your own "knife dancer"

Yunnan Province Dehong Dai Jingpo Topo Autonomous Prefecture is adjacent to the "Golden Triangle" adjacent to the world’s poisonous place. It is the forefront and main battlefield for anti -drug struggles in my country.The law enforcement investigation team of Dehong Border Management Detachment, which has struggled here all year round, is an important law enforcement force with the largest number of cases in the same type of case in the same type of the Yunnan Border Prosecutor Station, the most large cases, and the most types of cases.

Recently, the reporter came to the Dehong Border Management Detachment’s law enforcement investigation team, but found that he could not find a collective photo of everyone’s face.It turns out that in the front line of drug control, not taking pictures, and not showing face is the best protection for themselves and family members. This is also the unwritten rule in the team.

"Keep a smile, and the head is a little bit." Once, when the team captain Li Dong took a photo of the family, the photographer pressed the shutter, but he turned his back and only left a back to the camera.

"Pure is a subconscious response." Li Dong said.

As an old investigator who has been fighting for more than a decade of anti -drug on the border, Li Dong has accumulated more than 520 drug dealers and seized 1.4 tons of drugs, which has rich experience in enemy struggle.As the captain, the chat group he gave the team was named "dancer on the tip of the knife". In his words, in his words, you never know whether it was the knife tip or muzzle facing the next second.

Since taking the road of anti -drug, Li Dong has taken the degree of personal safety.For this reason, he put his life on "mosaic".Li Dong has never been accompanied by his wife’s birth checkup. The child has never been able to pick up and drop off. He always reminds everyone not to send a "circle of friends" …

The busy work of work, the sense of deliberate reduction, the interpersonal relationship that is gradually alienated … The special work nature makes the team of the team accustomed to hiding themselves in life.Police Haijian has worked for the law enforcement investigation team for 6 years. Due to the heavy work task and introverted personality, he has never become a family. Last year, he met a girl through a blind date.Feelings endlessly.It turned out that during the love process, the girl wanted to share her life on the social platform, but she could not find a photo with her boyfriend. Even if she took a group photo, Haijian resolutely did not let it out.

Repeatedly, the girl finally couldn’t help but break up on Valentine’s Day."She said that I and she seemed to be talking about a down -to -earth love. She really couldn’t persist in such love, and I wouldn’t blame her. If I was her, I would choose to break up." Hai Jian laughed at this words and laughed in the middle and then laughed.With a trace of sadness.

A group photo can take a good time for most people, and a group photo in the investigation team may not be taken for a lifetime.Facing the fierce drug dealers, they have not retreated, but they have turned their body in the face of small flash.The player Gao Lei wrote in his diary: "Maybe everyone’s photos can never see it. I see me with ‘mosaic’, but they can see the Wanjia lights I guarded, which is enough."

There are many "behind -the -scenes heroes"

Non -toxic in the world is the biggest desire of all the police in the first -line police of anti -drugs, every righteous charge, every arrest of life and death, every black and white upside -down case with parents, the dedication of his wife, the waiting of the child, the child’s waitingFor them, family members are weak and armor.

"Dad, there is a garden tour in the Children’s Day School of Children’s Day. Do you go to participate with me?" On the eve of June 1st this year, the son Hao Ming’s son asked on the phone and asked the 10 -meter strong man to answer for a while.I ca n’t come up, and I do n’t know how the reason for this time will not let the child disappoint. He has countless about how many times have happened.In his work, he did his due diligence and kept the safety of "everyone". In his life, he couldn’t care about his "little home". It can be said that he was not a "competent" father.

"Dad, I’m sleeping in your duty room, you must pay attention to safety." Once, Hao Ming went out to visit a clue of poison -related personnel, returned to the office, and saw the young son reserved the note.The anti -drug police officer who had never retreated in the face of anti -drug vendors and had never shrunk in the face of drug dealers.

In 2018, the policeman Niu Qiang and his girlfriend who had been in love with him for 7 years joined hands to enter the palace of marriage.The two met in high school. After graduating from college, Niu Qiang became a police officer, and his girlfriend became an angel in white. The two "one blue and one white" saved the wounds and punish the good in their respective positions.Because of their work, the two people are often not right, although they are in a city, they seem to be in love.

In the second year of marriage, Niu Qiang’s wife was pregnant, and an accident that happened during this period made Niu Qiang feel scared.On that day, Niu Qiang, who had agreed to accompany his wife to the birth check, suddenly appeared because of a suspect who had a case.On the way to the hospital, his wife was accidentally knocked down by the passers -by of a cycling. Fortunately, the wife and the children in the belly were not a big deal.

After Niu Qiang was busy returning home, his wife told him the dangerous scene of going to the check -up road.This is not safe to get home. Your job is just like me on the operating table, serving the people. "

The "Most Beautiful Medal" embedded on the body

Qiao’s investigation, pursuit of rushing, blade dark arrows … how many dangers have experienced, the police of the Dehong Border Management Detachment’s law enforcement investigation team have been difficult to count.

In March 2020, the team learned at work that overseas drug dealers will transport a large number of drugs to enter.After more than a month of project investigation, the police Li Song and his comrades successfully arrested 13 drug dealers.Great drug trafficking gangs.

The arrest of the last criminal suspect Li Mou’s encounter made Li Song remember.At that time, due to Li’s associates one after another, Li was frightened and hidden in a community in Kunming behind closed doors.

While the police were anxiously waiting, Li Song’s online shopping package was delivered, and Li Song and his colleagues took the opportunity to prepare to implement the arrest.When Li opened the door to take the parcel, he seemed to feel abnormal, and immediately picked up the dagger who had hidden behind the door to the side of Li Song.Between the electric light and stone fire, Li Songli made a feller Li, but the dagger still scratched Li Song’s arms out of a deep mouth.

"It’s just a bit of skin, it’s okay, let’s take the suspect back and talk about it." In the face of the comrades’ inquiries, Li Song said.Now when I think of the situation at the time, Li Song’s biggest feeling was not fear, but a sense of pressure and sense of responsibility and mission."Since I chose the road of anti -drug, I have no regrets."

In May 2019, the team’s police followed a group of drug dealers who took drugs from the border.

On the highway, drug dealers drove two cars with similar colors, one transporting drugs, and a cover.The two cars moved forward in staggered, and they turned around for a while.The Law Enforcement Investigation Team of Dehong Border Management Detachment sent five groups and five cars. Police Sun Hao and Zhou Qi were on two micro -cars. The speed of the car mentioned 120 miles and could not catch up.

The team decided to set up an accident scene of a truck and a car on the road, and then prepared the vehicle on both sides of the road to block the suspected vehicle.But I don’t want to, the anti -investigation capacity of drug dealers is extremely strong. I saw a traffic jam from a distance, and immediately braked to speed up the reversing.When Li Dong saw the situation, he called his teammates immediately: "They are reversing, hitting! Hit!"

Then there was a loud noise.Li Dong’s car hit a suspected vehicle.In order to force the rear vehicle, it also prevented its quickly reversing to other vehicles, and Sun Hao decided to stop the car.

Now when I talk about this scene, Zhou Qi still feels shocking.After stopping the two cars, he saw Li Dong getting out of the car with his heart, and Sun Hao pressed one hand with one hand pressed with a broken glass.

After the crash was stopped, the suspected vehicles opened the door of the left and right sides immediately, and the two drug dealers fled from both sides.The police in other groups immediately chased up, caught two drug dealers in the sugar cane, and seized 30 kg of heroin from the car on the car.

Every time a successful case of drugs is successfully cracked, not everyone can win the prize, but every time you arrest, everyone may be injured.For the team of the team, it is the best inspiration to be awarded for honor, but the scars that staying on their bodies because of anti -drugs are also the "medals", and they are also the best testimony for them to guard the light at night.

(The police officers involved in this article are all represented)

Rule of Law Daily All -Media Reporter Shi Fei "Legal System and News" trainee reporter Lu Min Correspondent Li Kuo

Source: Rule of Law Daily

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