When these performances occur during pregnancy, it means that anemia is anemia, which will affect the baby’s IQ!Don’t care

Introduction: The fetus’s brain is developing rapidly during pregnancy, and many mothers listen to others that they need to make up DHA, but in fact our pregnancy is more important than DHA.Development is affected.This nutrient is iron, and iron deficiency during pregnancy can cause iron deficiency anemia.

In the past few years, Mother Jing often went out to tell the pregnant mothers about the courses of pregnancy during pregnancy. Generally, when you look at it, you can know which mothers are anemia. Then they ask them. It is usually eight or nine.Well, few women are not anemia, just give birth to a child, so there is no need to treat.This is the same as many parents’ views on their baby’s dental caries: deciduous dental dental caries do not need to be treated, just wait for teeth.

(Note: Women’s anemia is divided into iron deficiency, anemia or thalassemia caused by anemia caused by folic acid or lack of B12, and the most common is iron deficiency anemia. More than 95%of anemia is iron deficiency anemia.Mainly about the anemia caused by iron deficiency)

Mom said that right, many women are anemia for pregnancy!

The results of the "Survey of Nutrition and Health of Chinese Residents in 2002" showed that the incidence of iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy was about 30%

That is, there are three iron deficiency anemia in ten mothers. Especially in some rural education, there are less education. There is no fully understanding of iron deficiency anemia., So the probability of anemia is higher.Generally, there are about 5 mothers with anemia.

However, the idea of the mother is a big mistake. The anemia during pregnancy will not have a child. The anemia during pregnancy has a great negative impact on the mother and the child.

1. Mom is often dizzy, and she will fall if she doesn’t pay attention when she goes out.

From time to time, we saw that pregnant women fell on the road, and many pregnant women were caused by anemia.When iron deficiency anemia, only less blood cells transport oxygen to important organs in the body. Insufficient qi and blood will make the mothers feel dizzy, limbs weakness, physical discomfort, and walking on the road will fall when they walk on the road and do not support their physical strength.fall.Therefore, we generally recommend that it is best not to go out by ourselves after the third trimester.

Therefore, the mother anemia even affects the safety of the baby.

2. Anemia will affect the mother’s immunity

The pregnant mother is uncomfortable, can’t eat, can’t sleep well, or can’t sleep, and the amount of exercise becomes less.The immunity of the mother’s body becomes poor and is vulnerable to infection, such as colds or diarrhea.

There are fewer medicines that can be used when you have a cold after pregnancy, and the treatment is very troublesome, and if a severe cold occurs, it will even affect the health of the fetus.

If the mother is not anemia and the immunity is strong, then various viruses and bacteria can not have the immune line of the mother’s body. The mother is not sick and the fetal treasure is healthier.

3. Iron deficiency anemia will affect the mother’s appetite

One of the characteristics of iron deficiency is that they can’t eat and have a bad appetite. Some mothers even want to eat some strange things, such as eating soil or lime.That is, alien food.

And when pregnancy enters the heat, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals that need to be in the middle and late stages will greatly increase, and at this time, it will be troublesome.Weight.

4. Iron deficiency anemia can easily lead to hypoxia in the fetus

The oxygen of the fetus is supplied by the mother, and the mother’s oxygen is transported by the iron in the blood. Insufficient iron, it is prone to insufficient oxygen supply, and the mother’s oxygen is insufficient, and the baby is more likely to have hypoxia in the palace.If it is chronic hypoxia, it will cause growth and development.The acute hypoxia is more dangerous, which may lead to premature birth or fetal stops in the fetus.

5. Mothers born with iron deficiency anemia are more prone to anemia, affecting children’s brain development, and affecting children’s IQ

Mothers of anemia are prone to premature babies: Generally, fetal fetuses will be absorbed from the mother’s body to store iron from 36 weeks. If the fetus is premature, there is no time to take enough iron from the mother’s body.To supplement iron, otherwise anemia may occur and affect growth and development.

When the child is born in full moon, it may also be because the mother’s own iron is insufficient, and the fetus cannot get a sufficient amount of iron, which makes it more likely to have anemia.

The lack of iron will lead to poor immunity, bad appetite, or affecting the child’s brain development, so it is necessary to prevent iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy.

Mother Jing recommends that her mother must know how to self -assess her anemia when preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy.

Maybe many mothers will say that if anemia goes to the hospital for examination, yes, we can finally diagnose a blood routine examination and the examination of serum iron, but when we check the iron deficiencyOver a long time.

There are two categories of iron divided by human body. One is functional iron to help us continue to balance the body. The other is storage iron. In the liver, kidney and spleen of our body, the functional iron of our body is used.Storage iron began to use. When the storage iron was also used up, we found that iron deficiency anemia was found when we checked.At this time, the body iron is generally lacking for three months.

At the beginning of our anemia, our bodies had sent signals, and Mom Jing suggested that my mother should pay attention to whether he has anemia when he prepares. If so, we must correct it when preparing for pregnancy.

When these performances occur during pregnancy, it means anemia, and immediately correct to make the baby smarter and healthier.

The first step:

Hearing heart rate and breathing:

Generally, the heart rate of severe anemia will be faster than usual. If you usually have the heart rate of 75 times per minute, and anemia may reach 90 times per minute, and you will feel like a panic.Because insufficient blood in the body will allow the heart to supply blood faster.

Breathing is faster than usual, because there is insufficient oxygen, we will inhale more oxygen by increasing the number of breathing.

See the second step:

It mainly depends on the thinnest part of our body skin, the farthest peripheral cycle of the heart, the remote end of our limbs, such as fingers and fingers.

Look at your lips:

If the mother is anemia, the lips are generally pale, because the blood is less, and the lips are thin, so they can see it clearly.

Look at the nails:

The finger is the end of the blood circulation, and the nails are transparent. You can press your nails with your hands. If the nails are still white after three seconds, it may be anemia.Generally, there are no anemia that blood is back in seconds.

Look at the eyelid:

Pull the lower eyelids down with your fingers and see the mucosa of the lower eyelid. The mucous membrane is very thin and the capillaries are rich in capillary.

Look at skin hair:

Generally, it will be relatively dry and dry (of course, this must be eliminated)

Step 3 Q:

Ask yourself 7 questions:

1. When squatting on the ground for a long time, when I stood up, I found that a darkness was in front of me, and the place around me was reluctant to stand stable.(Blood supply can not be on the brain)

2. In some spaces with poor air flow, such as on the bus or in the room without windows, they yawned, and they slept for ten hours last night.(When the oxygen in the air is insufficient, open a big mouth to inhale more oxygen)

3. When I go to bed in the evening of the winter, I do n’t have a hot water bag. I ’m not warm for a night when I sleep. I feel that my hands and feet are cool during the day and it is difficult to warm.(The blood can’t reach the end, so the hands and feet are cold)

4, poor physical strength, general mood, I feel tired all day and do not want to move.(Anemia can cause hypoxia in the brain, and people will be more tired)

5. I usually like fruits and vegetables. I eat very little for meat, especially the internal organs of animals. I ca n’t eat it once a year.(Eat less food with high iron content, insufficient iron intake)

6. Have you ever had surgery within three months?Or is there more menstrual flow each time?(These are all caused the iron loss of the iron)

7. Whether or not dental inflammatory disease or tastitis usually occur, and iron deficiency can also cause repeated inflammatory inflammatory and tastitis.

Step 4 Check: That is, blood testing

The standard of the World Health Organization is: Pregnant women with peripheral blood red protein is less than 110g/L, and blood cell ratio is less than 0.33 for pregnancy anemia.

The World Health Organization recommends that according to the level of HB (hemoglobin), it is divided into mild anemia (100 ~ 109 g/L), moderate anemia (70 ~ 99 g/L), severe anemia (40 ~ 69 g/L), and extreme weightAnemia (<40 g/L).

Jing Ma has also checked some literatures that it is recommended whether the early and third trimester of pregnancy are anemia based on the hemoglobin 110g/L as the standard and below 110g/L as anemia, but the physiological physiological of the blood capacity in the middle of pregnancy is generally not low. Generally, it is not low.It is normal for 105g/L.

In addition to looking at blood pigments, general hospitals will also conduct serum iron detection.In the combination of the two, whether there is iron deficiency anemia and severity, do you need to take medicine?

As mentioned earlier, iron deficiency anemia is also divided. Generally speaking, iron supplementation is required in moderation. Severe or close to the due date or the need for cesarean section must be transformed.And we learn to judge, generally just mild, at this time the food supplement effect is very good.

If the pregnant mothers who have eaten iron knows that the iron agent is very difficult to drink, it has the smell of iron rust, and it still feels nauseous and gastrointestinal discomfort, because the side effects of the iron agent will have gastrointestinal reactions.

Animal foods have good iron iron supplementation, not only the iron content is high, but the absorption rate is good:

Red meat (beef, lamb, lean meat, etc.) Animal liver (the animal’s internal organs are high, and the liver liver is higher, and the absorption rate is also high) animal blood (in shape)

And if such foods can’t be eaten or eating less, eat more black sesame, black fungus, mushrooms, seaweed, cherry.

It is also necessary to pay attention to eating with rich foods that promote iron absorption, which is better. The effect is better. Dark green vegetables, lettuce, spinach, green peppers, and kiwi, oranges and other fruits.

Suggested recipe:

Green pepper fungus fried pork liver (can also be lean) tomato beef, lamb stewed radish is good, rich and easy to absorb iron, and vitamin C to promote iron absorption.

Mother Jing sent a message: When we are pregnant, we eat two people to make up for them. If we want children to be clever, we must not make anemia during pregnancy.Otherwise it will hurt the baby.

Source: Eighth Edition of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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