Which eyebrows and eyebrows are better

Presumably many women know tattoo skills, so which one is better?The following editors will simply share the eyebrows or embroidery, and their own characteristics and deficiencies.

Let’s come to popular science first: the difference between eyebrows and eyebrows embroidered

Embroidered and eyebrows can help beauty and beauty, improve the shape of the eyebrows, and improve the face shape.So, what is the difference between embroidery and eyebrows?This is the difference between beauty embroidery and eyebrows.The eyebrows and eyebrow embroidery are obviously different in methods, tools, and effects.

First of all, in the use of tools, the eyebrows are "one stitches and one line"; or "three stitches", applying the paint to the skin with the help of electric tools.The operation process is like a tattoo, and the eyebrow embroidery combines 12 or 16 fine needles into a 45 -degree diagonal angle, allowing more pigments to insert the skin at a time like embroidery at a time.

In terms of pigment used, the eyebrows are mostly water -like pigments and less viscosity. When the eyebrows are embroidered, a paste is used, which is more sticky and easier to enter the skin with needles, so it is easy to color.In addition, the eyebrows are perpendicular to the skin at a 90 -degree angle, which will have a certain pain, and the number of piercing times is limited, so the dyeing time is longer; the embroidery time is less than the former.It pierces the skin at a 45 -degree angle, so the pain is the least.The eyebrows entering the skin at a 45-degree angle are limited, only about 0.2-0.3cm subcutaneous, so the trauma is small, and it will not change the color because it will not be mixed with the subcutaneously mixed with subcutaneously.

Instead, because the eyebrow pin is inserted vertically into the skin, it is easy to pierce the deep layer of the skin.If the color material is incorporated into deep, and mixes with the subcutaneous yellow leather gene, it will become blue and blue, and it is not easy to remedy.

Speaking of makeup, I believe that many female netizens have something to say.If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the eyebrows can be said to be curtains.A suitable eyebrow can be added a lot, but it is better to embroider eyebrows?

The choice of eyebrow shape has a great impact on a person’s entire face and temperament, but not just the eyebrow shape.Suitable for yourself is the most important.Many netizens do not know the difference between eyebrows and embroidery, which one should be selected.

In the past, many women chose to thrush their eyebrows, but in modern urban life, the rhythm is tight and tight, so there is no time to draw their favorite eyebrows. Eyebrow embroidery is in such an environment.Pregnant.Their benefits are long -lasting, saving and labor -saving, more vivid, and more standardized.

Next, I will introduce the difference between the two.For eyebrows, use "one shot" or "three stitches" to apply the pigment to the skin with one pin.Of course, acupuncture into the skin is self -evident, but for beauty, our little fairy can really endure everything.The eyebrows take a long time because it is pierced.

The processing process of embroidery eyebrows is similar to the eyebrows, but there are more stabs.The needle is fixed into a row, and multiple needles can be pierced at a time, which is shorter.The above is the difference between the production process.As far as pigments are concerned, eyebrows are water -shaped pigments, and eyebrow embroidery is paste pigment, so the eyebrows are not so beautiful and durable.

Moreover, the wound of embroidered eyebrows is not as big as the eyebrows.Not only that, because the deeper the penetration, the more color infection, the more other adverse effects.In terms of effect, eyebrow embroidery can achieve a more vivid image, and the eyebrows are relatively stiff, so if our little fairy considers the eyebrows, eyebrow embroidery is a better choice than eyebrows.

The above is the detailed content of the eyebrow embroidered eyebrows shared today.I hope I can help you!

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