Which hospital is the best and the safest hospital for painless abortion surgery in Hongkou District?How to judge that I am pregnant

The national husband Wang Sicong once accidentally exposed the past when he was 20 years old when he was 20 years old.Our husband has done such a stupid thing when he is young, let alone our ordinary people.So today we talk about accidental pregnancy.

What is unexpected pregnancy?

Unexpected pregnancy refers to the intimate behavior of men and women without any preparation.To put it bluntly, all pregnancy that is not in the pregnancy plan is unexpected pregnancy.

Why did you get pregnant unexpectedly?

❤ Lack of contraception common sense ❤

Do you think you have countless things if you read the film?

Do you think you do n’t get back to pregnancy if you do n’t shoot

You think you will not get pregnant if you calculate the safety period

So many you think you are all the performances that you lack common sense of contraception

Because of ignorance, I am fearless

Girls need to master all the common sense of contraception

Don’t be fooled by some big flickering

How to judge that I am pregnant?

律 The girl who usually has a regular aunt, I don’t come late

Auntie Auntie delayed more than 10 days

Early pregnancy reactions such as disgusting, acidic and fatigue, etc.

阳 Positive pregnancy test strips suggest pregnancy. If negative or weakness occurs, the morning urine is required to review the second day.

H After detecting urine HCG is positive, it is still recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible for more accurate blood HCG testing.

查 By B -ultrasound inspection to clarify the development of the embryo and eliminate abnormalities such as ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy).

What kind of people should I do?

If you decide to have a miscarriage, be sure to choose a regular hospital.Generally, the following inspection report is required after determining the hospital.

➤B Super Check

血 urine HCG or blood HCG

➤ Routine leucorrhea

常 Blood routine, urine routine

➤ pelvic examination

Shanghai Hengshan Rainbow Maternal and Child Hospital is a designated unit of Shanghai Medical Insurance, an old maternal and child specialist hospital.The hospital is located at 445 Zhoushan Road, with a medical construction area of 12,000 square meters and 100 nuclear beds. There are 140 employees, including 96 sanitation technicians, of which 11 are 11 and 46 intermediate.

The hospital is committed to the construction of key specialty medical construction such as obstetrics, gynecology, family planning, etc., and in terms of obstetrics, hospitals take the lead in carrying out advanced technologies such as painless delivery technologies, high safety -child companionship, pain reduction delivery, gas analgesic delivery and other advanced technologies.There are uniqueness in the aspects of diabetes, liver disease, delayed growth in the fetus, and high -risk pregnancy.The hospital uses love navigation to serve the patient’s needs first.Optimize the details of each service with "love, patience, carefulness, and responsibility", and give your family -like family affection.

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