Who said that pregnancy didn’t feel?If you have these 4 feelings, it means that "fertilized egg" is bed in bed

Many young people who are preparing for pregnancy are eager for children’s arrival, so how can you be a successful pregnancy?In fact, the combination of sperm and eggs becomes fertilized eggs, and the fertilized eggs bed means that you are pregnant successfully.

Some people say that women do not feel when they are pregnant, but this is why they did not pay attention.A small life germinates in the stomach, how can a woman feel without feeling?It’s just because there is no experience.Pay attention, if you have these four feelings during pregnancy, it means that you are pregnant!

Feel a: disgusting to vomit

Most women are in bed with fertilized eggs, and nausea and retching will appear when they are pregnant. The symptoms are particularly serious in the morning.Some novice mothers have no experience and think that they have eaten bad stomachs, but in fact, you have a small life in your stomach.And expectant mothers must know that morning vomiting is not just about only in the morning.

Feel two: Feeling body temperature rises

Under normal circumstances, women’s body temperature will increase during ovulation, reaching about 36.5-37 degrees.If the egg does not wait for the sperm at this time, the body temperature of women will drop to normal temperature; if the fertilized eggs are successfully synthesized at this time, the body temperature of women will be maintained between 36.5-37 degrees, and the body temperature will not decrease.Therefore, women can judge whether they are pregnant according to the law of decline in body temperature.

Feeling three: I always want to go to the toilet

After the fertilized eggs are bed in the uterine wall, the fluffy glands (HCG) began to secrete.This will stimulate your frequent urination, so you will increase the frequency of the original to the toilet, and you feel that you want to go to the toilet again after a while.If you already have such symptoms, then go to buy test paper to check it. Maybe there is good news!

Feel four: I often feel tired

If you are usually energetic and energetic, these days suddenly feel particularly easy to get tired, and your body is always exhausted?This is because at this time, the lutein is secreted in large quantities in expectant mothers, which can make women feel tired and sleepy.Almost all expectant mothers who are pregnant will have this symptom.

Pregnant mothers, if you have this phenomenon in the near future, then go to test for a test, maybe the surprise may come!

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